Millar has broken his chain while he was sprinting for s.v.

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by Danton

Bugman is fine. But I find flash/animation avatars and signature lines very distracting.

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by TheBugMan

@ HanSolo... You're just mad because Chewbacca has been hanging out with Yoda and me watching race videos. Plus Chewy said I groom him better than you ever did.
But seriously, I'm sorry to make you sick and offend. Aim this at my avatar...

I totally understand David; sometimes I take my frustration out on equipment. The last tennis racquet I smashed is hanging on my wall to remind me that I can't afford to lose 200+ dollars because of my temper. Now if David threw his bike hitting an innocent bystander, that's another story. (this part was written to keep on topic so I don't truly become a troll)
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by Frans

bug man funny

all communities need levity

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by rustychain

Ya know Bugman your old avatar drive me nuts as I always worried there was a bug on my screen. Now I have the comfort of knowing you will eat any stray bugs that land in the area. Thanks!

As to bike throwing, the lighter bike will accelerate faster according to the tour tests I have seen but the TT bike will hold its momentum and is more areo. UCI has banned underarm bike throwing as its bad for the immage of the sport (whats not) and all future bike tossing will be checked to see if its in complience. Failure to use proper technic could lead to further sanctions by the UCI fools I ment rules. Cervelo claims there wind studies show there bike if thrown in a cross wind will gain speed an thus achive low earth orbit. Team bike throwing may be sheduled for next years event
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by J-Nice

JK wrote:
hockinsk wrote:So who would win the bike-discus throwing competition, Riis or Millar? Obviously Riis was probably hitting his infamous 60% during his famous throw in the ITT which I assume would help. I think Millar has stronger arms though, so it's a tough one to judge.

Riis threw a 1997 Pinarello TT freak bike, Millar a 2008 6.8kg road bike.

It is hard to judge: Although Riis's bike undoubtedly weighed a lot more, it was also wing shaped, thus easier to throw further, because of the lift effect.

Do you have any wind tunnel test results to back your claims? Any white paper published by Pinarello to confirm this data?:wink: LOL!!

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by Cyco

I'd be throwing the mechanic, not the bike
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by Leloby

Anybody got another link for this? They've removed it from the server by the looks of it.

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by DocRay

Obviously Hansolo prefers avatars of women he never has a hope in hell of even talking to.

David Millar has just been watching NASCAR and motocross where a driver may throw his helmet into the audience, he's decided to throw a free bike.
Since this is Italy, I guarantee you that bike is gonzo.

Another team did this last year when the team car hit a bump and released a free bike into the audience.
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by NS

Are you suggesting Hand and Solo might be more accurate :shock: :lol:

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by beatnik


What an amazing babe she is, but Cyco has no further information
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by Theros

Man, I would be so pissed when my manliness would slam the toptube that hard :shock: :lol:

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by beatnik

Despite of all these things, i think he couldn´t win yesterday stage.
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by geraldatwork

beatnik wrote:Despite of all these things, i think he couldn´t win yesterday stage.

That is not what I read. What do you base this on?
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by beatnik

Because last 500 mts had more than 12% of slope. Not the best for David. Fran Perez was the other big guy in the group, and better climber than Millar, and he had nothing to do against lighter riders
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