How often do you get a flat?

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How many flats do you get a year?

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by DocRay

Mottsauce wrote:Are you a 19th century British butler? I'm an English teacher and rarely encounter diction such as yours. Welcome to WW though...lots of characters around here.

by jove, Bully!

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by Aardvark

Chasing Dreams wrote:Frankie was mad. Mad for power, so he decided to pick on me. I still haven't found out if liposuction is considered doping, even after googling it.

I'm asking because the pros seem to get so many flats in their races that it would make more sense for them to run more durable tires than those cheap tubulars.

I'm wondering if other people get flats as often as the pros do and don't you get frustrated by all the occurrences. I have only ever gotten one flat while out riding my bike and that was because I was riding on worn down tires. Every other time I have had a slow leak and my tires flatted while not being used. I can count the total number of flats in all my riding on my hands!

Man, seriously, go look at the anti-doping rules. No, liposuction isn't considered doping. Now, for anyone near pro level, they'd have to scavenge fat cells from all over their body, which would be pretty unpleasant I think. It's no more illegal than getting your ears pinned back (if it gave you an aero advantage).

As for the pros, they have a car behind them with spare wheels. The benefits of those "cheap tubulars" far outweigh the performance issues from "more durable" tires. There's lots of other factors too. Have you seen how crummy the surface of some of the roads they race on is?
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by Sportlov

Last time I used tubulars I got a fair share of punctures. Now for a couple of years I have gone with clinchers and had less than one puncture a year.
This season however I use tubulars on my racing (and good weather posing) wheels so it'll be interesting to see how they will behave puncture wise.

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by Finn

Last year I got only one puncture on Pro2 Races. And when I punctured I hit a pothole at 45km/h.

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by Tumppi

Also only one puncture and could you belive it...on rollers??? :shock: Damn little stone blow my almost new corsa cx tubular.

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legs 11
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by legs 11

On average 2 or 3 per season, always at the wrong time. :lol:
Congratulations on top hole parlence in the queens english! :o
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