Slipstream moustaches?

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by DocRay

bravo106 wrote:
San Marco wrote:Which then prompted a boat load of Russian and East Germans to grow them after his 7th Gold medal.

Which also included their women's teams.


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by Skillgannon

Womens teams - damnit, I've been beaten!
This board would be a nicer place if everyone would take themselves less seriously.

I almost miss Mr Search...

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by DC41

My wife thought Dave's 'stash was more of a Brandon Flowers/The Killers tribute.

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by spinwax

David Z was rockin the killer Doc Holliday!!!

I like the stash... very American Flyers.

Rodrego Hernandez
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by Rodrego Hernandez

Dave Z is just the funniest - he so crazy, growing a moustache - ha, whatever next!!!!! Funny guy.

Sarcasm meter off.

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by record

does the weight penalty exceed the aero advantage on a 5% uphill?
A light bike does replace good fitness.

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by ChristianB

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by MaaseyRacer

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