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by stefangomez

hey'all I'm from San Diego and am looking for some info on racing. I am willing to drive all the way to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, the California surrounding areas to race. Does anyone know of any races around these areas where a Climber can really strut his stuff? There are just too many Criteriums in southern Cali and I am just suffering all the time, it is only good experience, but anyway, if anyone knows races with many climb/s, your knowledge would be appreciated.
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by Snafuboy

Devil's PunchBowl is a climber's race, its always hot though. San Luis Rey has good climbing, but it's more of big ring climbs, Boulevard suits strong climbers(it's part of the Cyclovets omnium), San Dimas stage race for sure(it has a hilly road race and an uphill tt), I hear the Baker-Death Valley road race has good climbing, Bakersfield RR has a great climb leading to the finish of each lap, Sisquoc Road Race is loved by climbers, theres other ones too, these are just all the ones i could think of right now. I know theres good racing out of state and in NorCal, but I'm just not too familiar with those courses.

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by ElDuderino

here ya go...this one is this weekend, and plennnnnty hilly:

I might be there, actually.

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by ericm

Around SoCal for climbing there's the Everest Challenge- 2 days, 29,035 feet of climbing. It's my favorite race. It's not really like a regular race though, more like an extended death march. There' also the Mt. Charleston Hill Climb near Las Vegas, and Mt Graham hill climb in Arizona.

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by Hubert

For SoCal the Boulevard RR is pretty good (I finished a disappointing 12th. . . ).

The San Luis Rey RR is good, but the climbing is really on the backsection as you're ascending back out of the canyon - the two climbs leading to the descent are short power climbs.

The last race is the Tour de Murrieta.

If you're willing to drive, I HIGHLY suggest doing the Sea Otter RR; really good course and excellent organization throughout the event!

For local races, we have the Del Mar Crit series coming up and a few select critiums including the San Marcos Circuit race toward the end of the season.

Good luck,
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