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by DocRay

Disgraced former Giro d'Italia champion Ivan Basso said Thursday that his two-year doping suspension was the best thing to happen to him.

Basso was tipped to win the 2006 Tour de France, shortly after cruising to victory in the Giro, but he was caught up in the infamous Operación Puerto scandal and barred from taking part.

He later admitted to having contacted the tainted laboratory involved in the affair with plans to engage in blood-doping, a move that earned him a two-year ban from the sport.

He has spent his time working for various charities.

"I feel like a better man. To paraphrase (Lance) Armstrong, the ban was the best thing that could have happened to me," said Basso in an interview on Affaritaliani.it.

"It gave me time to reflect, it's turned my life around, and now I'm ready to come back."

Despite enjoying this time off, he has continued to train and he is eager to come back and achieve one of his dreams, winning the Tour de France.

"That's my dream, but I don't want to think too far ahead," he added. "I prefer to take small steps, like holding out a hand to a child."

So his ban for doping is equivalent to Armstrong's battle against cancer?
"like holding out a hand to a small child and tapping it for fresh blood."

Please. Some people should really just learn not to talk to the press.

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by danny

After I read this article I thought the same think. He wants to regain the trust of its fans but not all people are stupid and forget the past, he lied and he won a giro d'italia stealing.

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by c50jim

I just wish all the cycling media would place an embargo on any reports about any riders who are under suspension. If they're serious about cleaning things up, they shouldn't give guys like this a mouthpiece.

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by GrahamB

Seems not so bad to me. He's admitting that he did it, accepting of his punishment and claiming to have learnt something from it. Pity Landis can't get the same perspective.

The comparison he draws with Armstrong's cancer is fairly vague and doesn't suggest he was equally blameless (which he obviously wasn't), just that bad things can have a silver lining. :noidea:

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by DocRay

Graham, if it were anyone else, you could assume some integrity, but this guy has never raced a day clean in his life and has only found the light after evidence that could lead to criminal prosecution in Italy.

It's a disgrace that he still gets credited with the Giro win, even after we know from OP he was actively blood doping at that point.

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by NS

You dont know a damned thing, your knowledge is based on your opinion of the "evidence" there is no proof he used the blood for the Giro which is why he hasnt been stripped of his title.

I'm surprised you can reach your computer from up there on your high horse. What it must be like to be perfect :roll:

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