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by sawyer

I'm wondering what non-WW habits and needs we have when riding a bike ... this is WWism, (don't block it!), just trying to find out which areas you don't push WWism in, or do something non-WW for some reason...


medium weight butyl tubes for general riding (like the 80g ish Vittorias) ... 45-50g tubes are too fragile.

I wear pretty thick socks, or two pairs of thin socks ... just find it more comfortable to have a slightly larger shoe with the padding of a sock filling the space.

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by Morpeth

Tubes, saddles, pedals with a good platform, eat cake for desert when out for a meal etc... :D

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by mgr

I ride by the motto... Eat cake Not drugs :D So i do a lot. My girlfriend hates me for it cus i dont gain weight from it hehe.

But saddle (my skinny bum has to have a nice ride) maybe tubes altho im going to try out latex in my cross max slr and see how that works. =)


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by racyrich

All my bike habits are non-WW. Whatever I'm trying to achieve on the bike that day, the first priority is the bike can complete the task.
Winter training bikes must be bomb-proof. Stranded 50 miles from home in freezing weather is not an option.
Summer training bikes can be a bit lighter but still musn't let me down.
My race bike can be the lightest but equipment must still get me to the finish. In reality that usually only means wheel/tyre selection generally, though I use my spare bike in wet races. Not that a CR1 is much of a handicap compared to an Addict.
The only event I can imagine going shit-or-bust in would be a hillclimb, but they're far too hard to contemplate doing anyway!

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by MattC


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by bobbyOCR

light bartape feels crap.

Light saddles aren't as nice.

I like my heavy frame.

All the vital vital drivetrain parts aren't WW. Light chains shift worse, I don't want to risk weenie cranks, no shaving vital derailleur parts.

Also, anything that decreases comfort isn't worth having on the bike unless there are significant other advantages. The number one goal is to be able to stay on the bike.
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by Hyde

I always shoot for the part that suits my needs the best, weight is the last consideration. & I prefer my Steel bikes for everday riding.

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legs 11
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by legs 11

Saddles, I havn't got a true WW saddle on any of my bikes, Rolls Titanio, Regal and plain flites for best.
My winter clanker aint light either.
I try not to skimp on quality of hubs too, normally prefering to go with a certain amount of weatherproofing, ie.DA or DT
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by Snafuboy

My motto, "If it's free it's for me!" So if it's a sponsor, weight is a non issue. Luckily all the team sponsor equipment is pretty light :P

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by currieinahurry

my tt bike build.

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by sawyer

currieinahurry wrote:my tt bike build.

it's horrible how heavy a TT build is isn't it cuzza?

What are you shooting for with your build?

think my p-x with DA/ultegra mix is going to come out at about 8.5kg all up.

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

I'm always on the lookout for positive reviews on WW components so I can put them on my wish list. If I can't find any (or enough) good reviews, I pass. You're my testing organization! I'm always looking for a lighter component that works as well (or nearly as well) as the standard fare offering.

That's how I grabbed my BTP cages and brifter clamps and spleedplay inserts, M2Racer QRs, Extralite stem and headset and hubs, Kestrel bar, Token cearmic BB, etc. I did backtrack on the M2Racer post and went with the heavier EC90 for ease. Sometimes that happens!

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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

I confess, I carry extra energy bar in ride and I always bring it to home.


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by Wester-Ross

I carry two spare tubs on all training rides + multitool, chaintool, spoke key + co2 and 2 spare canisters + minipump + mini brazing torch in case my forks break.

I value completing the ride and getting home to tea and cake more than lightweight parts on training rides.

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by weiwentg

bought a steel bike with steel fork. regular tubing, not light (ie True Temper S3 or similar).

and now I have wheel lust and am thinking of getting some light wheels.

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