Tory Baroness attacks cyclist!

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by Roobay

i like people... i just can't stand assholes

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by LucVR

You might argue about her reaction with the handbag, but actually she has a point. There is no excuse for (almost) knocking over a pedestrian when that person has the green light for crossing.

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by aarw

i too think she has a point, unlike this prick: ... 097464.ece

a very irresponsible article. a local cyclist here had an unfortunate accident ending up out cold and in hospital, when returning to the location of the incident he found fishing wire tied across his path..... not so funny!

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by CharlesM

Cyclist was wrong, but I doubt she was right...

Does anyone here think she really had the cat-like reflexes to wind up her bag and land a blow that could not have also been used to simply not be narrowly missed? The old fart wasn't suprised...

More likely she saw it coming and moved into position and set up for the blow if the guy on the bike had any speed at all...

Both asses (including the cyclist) if you asked me and neither deserving or recognition what so ever.

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