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by Deus

Fourthbook wrote:Deus, the Anglers Arms is not too far from the Scotland border; a great place for a meal and brew if you're that far north: http://www.anglersarms.com/



That location for the Anglers Arms is 130 mile away from me! :D

by Weenie

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by Deus

Rode out to Elvington to look at the Airfield but mainly to find the Memorial to the crew of a JU88c Nightfighter that attacked Elvington Airfield but hit a tree and crashed into Dunnington Lodge farm house killing 3 inhabitants and all the crew.

It was the last Luftwaffe aircraft to crash on British soil during WW2. http://app.strava.com/rides/26489923

On the night of 3rd March 1945, German night-fighters launched Operation Gisela against the 450 heavy bombers of 4, 5 & 6 Groups RAF Bomber Command returning from a raid on the synthetic oil plants at Kamen, in the Ruhr and the Dortmund Canal. At around midnight 100 Junkers 88’s crossed the English coast from the Thames to Yorkshire and infiltrated the returning bomber streams. Two hours later at least 24 bombers had been shot down and a further 20 damaged.

Having shot down two Halifax bombers of 158 Squadron returning to RAF Lissett near Bridlington, Hauptman Johann Dreher of 13 Nachtjagdeschwader Gruppen (Night fighter destroyer group), in his Junkers 88G turned to attack the French Air Force Halifax’s landing at Elvington. The runway lights were switched off and all aircraft ordered (in French) to divert to other airfields. It was 1:50am and as the alarms sounded, Capitaine Notelle’s Halifax pulled sharply up and, narrowly escaping, headed north towards RAF Croft. He was stalked by another German night fighter and was hit 3 times before crash landing near Darlington. All the crew survived. Meanwhile, Dreher’s Junkers 88 continued to attack RAF Elvington, strafing the road and a passing taxi. Circling round for another attack, it clipped a tree and crashed into Dunnington Lodge farmhouse, killing all 5 crew; the farmer, Richard Moll; his wife and mother. A black cross can be seen by the roadside in front of the farmhouse near the Museum on the road back to York. The war ended just 9 weeks later and this is probably the scene of the very last Luftwaffe aircraft crash on British soil.










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by Rush

Dalai wrote:I've heard Westerfolds park and the parkland on the other side of Fitzsimons lane (google search for pink ribbon track aka Hans loop) has a good network of single track and might be worth checking out next with your son?

Thanks for the heads up. We've done a small section of Westerfolds..I'll chase it down on Google.

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by pastronef

JamieL wrote:Image

Looking up at the Pic-du-midi de Bigorre on our club run yesterday. The Tourmalet is up there somewhere and apparently is still open (until 1st November...)

very nice picture, and very nice weather :thumbup:
and yes, I have a soft spot for the Pyrenees

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by russianbear

Found this bit of art on a local MUP


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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Trying to learn how to climb again...


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by fletch62

Are you riding a Fuji, Tinea?
What model?

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by daj

prendrefeu wrote:What a beautiful world we live in.

I'm just gonna go ahead and repeat that. This is my favorite topic by a landslide. Makes me wanna go out and ride even though it's 11 pm, cold and rainy outside :D

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by Esterhas

Red Box, Mt Wilson


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by shoopdawoop

Not alot of beach goers in ohio at this time of year it seems


Found this in the woods!

Some of the pictures in this thread make me so jealous, I wish I had roads like these around me!

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by prendrefeu


Finally got around to uploading some photos from a recent spin in our local river. One morning with no client calls and I decide to go for an extra long ride of base miles and idle exploration. Go figure, eh?




Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by HammerTime2

What, no car chases down there? It's the first time I've ever seen it without a car chase.

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by uraqt

or a space shuttle!!


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by artray

Man, Its a small world . Great photos .

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by mattias

first ride since my accident, bit cold but nice to be riding again.

by Weenie

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