CF parts replacement - insurance question!

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by bobalou

I was in an accident, a driver turned left in front of me at an
intersection when I had the right of way. There's witnesses, the
woman driver admitted fault so looks like I've got a claim.

I hit her about 15-20 mph, put a fat dent in her right rear quarter panel. So not a inconsequential impact. So, I've got a jammed thumb, a little road rash and very sore shoulder, fortunately no broken bones - I'll live to fight another day.

So here's the question, if CF parts look okay after a significant impact should they still be replaced? For that matter, even aluminum parts? My main concern is the Giant TCR Frame. Details of the accident below.

When I surveyed the bike afterwards, both wheels were knocked out of alignment. The chain was off and part of it tangled in the rear wheel, it also came off the rear dérailleur lower pulley wheel. The bars and left brake were both about 30 degrees off center. Neither tire was flat. Left Record Shifter/Brake (lever and hood) scraped, ax-lightness endurance saddle scraped, Left side pedal (crank bros). All the cork tape on
the left side. I'll want those replaced, I can't see the insurance
arguing about that. But after I got the chain back on, put the wheels
and bars back in place it all looked okay.

So back to the question, would you insist on getting the frame and fork replaced also? I mean, I'm hesitant to want to ride these any more then I did already after that accident. Not to mention the alu. bars and stem.
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by Weenie

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by zebragonzo

Get the manufacturer (or a rep for them such as their dealer) to look over the stuff and get in writing that it's fine.

Alternatively, check the documentation, but I've had mid-weight ali stuff that says that you should always replace in the event of a crash. For CF this is more important as you can get sub-surface delaminations that you can't see.

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by Duffer

Hello bobalou.

Firstly glad to hear that you are OK! I was hit by a car that pulled out in front of me last month, fortunately I didn't break any bones either.

He didn't contest the blame, and he knew full well he was at fault.

My bike was also rideable from the scene, but a few things were scratched, wheels slightly out of true, left Campag hood bent and bar tape torn. Not to mention my clothing that was also damaged.

First thing first, get an insurance quote from your local bike shop(s). Tell them exactly what happened and what you believe is damaged and what you deem needs replacing. A good bike shop will realise the CF products should never be used after a heavy crash, and I'm sure they would add the CF replacements to your quotation list.

I presume your cycling kit (clothing) is also damaged? If so take plenty of pictures of the damage including road markings on the kit (dirt off the road from where you landed), take pictures of the labels too.

I'm part way through my claim case at the moment.

Get on to it as soon as you can,


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by zebragonzo

Ooo, forgot to mention. Take photos of any bruises/abrasions on you and if poss see a doc and get him to write something. It's really important if they contest anything later on to have all of this in writing/photos.

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