Ebay opinion: was I ripped, or an idiot? Easton SLX vs SLX3

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by GrahamB

So the story is that I bid and won a pair of Easton EC90 road bars.

The problem is that the listing said "SLX3" (the new ones with a classical curvy bend) and what arrived in the post is an SLX, the "ergo bend" designed for robots.

However on looking closer at the pics in the listing, they are in fact of the SLX :(

So, I'm not blameless, but still annoyed. I've written to the vendor noting the SLX vs SLX3 issue but haven't heard back yet.

Opinions on what would be a fair arrangement?

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by rd

If its an eBay store you might have some luck pursuing an exchange. But if its a random seller they can easily claim they didn't realise the difference. Let us know what happens.

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by Gregorio

I think most sellers are honest and if you clearly point out the mistake and show that you are unsatisfied. You may get your refund.

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by Mo

I buy regularly on Ebay & in this situation if the seller won't respond, file a dispute in Ebay (or Paypal if thats how you paid) for "Item Significantly Not As Described". If the text portion described the item different than the picture & how you received it, I believe you would be successful.
Then the seller would be forced to accept return & refund cost. He cannot claim ignorance of his item. If the error, even if he genuinely didn't know the difference, is his issue, not yours. I've returned the occasional item for this reason, but with cooperative sellers.

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by GrahamB

All is good: seller wrote back apologetically. I offered to wear the shipping since I didn't look at the pictures and it's going back for a refund. :)

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by geraldatwork

I'm glad it worked out for you. From my experience on ebay most sellers stand behind the stuff they sell.
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by wogamax

From my experience on ebay most sellers stand behind the stuff they sell.

Still, many err in their own favor all too casually. I recently left neutral feedback to some dude who sold a frame under "frame and fork" that included a picture of a frame and fork, even after he accepted my return of the frame (only). I think the rules favor a return at buyers cost to ship, but it was the straw that broke the camels back. Taking the time to repack and then pay to ship things again gets old.

As with the OP, I think the better outcomes come from the businesses on that site.

Phill P
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by Phill P

Ebay opens the door to amateur time, and I think people take it too lightly when sellers screw up.
Why should you have to examine the pictures to ensure the seller has made a mistake in the listing? How do you know the seller didn’t lie on purpose in the hope of getting away with misleading you the customer?
If the listing was frame only, and they how a fork, they should state no fork, even if the listing doesn’t mention the fork.
It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of what they are selling, and that their listing is credible and not misleading. Ebay’s feed back system helps show credibility, so look at the feed back and if there are too many negative’s don’t trust them. Any if you are going to spend a lot of money ask questions. They want your money, they should work for it just like in a shop!

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