SF Store: Bikenut...still in business?

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by tmanley

Just curious to know if this shop (http://www.bikenut.us/main/index.php) is still in business. I'm hoping to swing by next week if it's open.

-Thanks, Todd

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twistyaction usa
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by twistyaction usa

Callthem to confirm, but they've been open every day this year except for 7/4,T-day and x-mas.
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by MaaseyRacer

I see the owner out quite a bit on his Mt. Bike, and I see a ton of guys wearing the jersey. I would assume the shop is still around.
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by Chasen1211

yup! was there for the first time on the 12/11. it was an accident that i walked in there, as i was actually going to check out City Cycle, but as i was looking for parking i spotted this place, and was like, "gotta check this place out while i'm here!" and to my surprise, it was one of the few shops i have ever been to that carry all the cool stuff, ie LW, BTP, Tune, etc... great place, good guys!

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by Slobberdoggy

They are totally in business. I was there about a week or so ago. Roadies dream in there. Parking can be a biachie but it's a very safe neighborhood. I was really impressed with their service too. Other shops in the area will give you wait times of a month or more but I got work done over a weekend (off season?).

I noticed ax saddles, tiso ders, carbon head caps, various pulleys, new ultimate posts, kcnc stuff. IIRC they have some storck bikes, Giant, de la rosa and others. It seems like they provide pretty good advice on parts and ergonomics - based on conversations I've overheard.
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by bikeguy101

yes we are quite open. we have candy.

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by tmanley

bikeguy101 wrote:yes we are quite open. we have candy.

Yup, candy and then some :lol:

I stopped by the shop and ended up dropping almost a half pound in component weight by the time I left. Just need one last part for the M5 rear brake and I'll be 100% ready.

Great shop with very knowledgeable people!

-Thanks, Todd

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