So, What did Santa bring ya?

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by ridley86

I bought these as my own christmas present


My parents gave me a chorus 12-25 casette and kmc x10sl silver chain for christmas. It's my birthday on 9 jan and I asked a bike travel bag from rose versand. So now i'm ready for the new bike year.

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by nickballard2712

I got a nice white Specialized 2D (201g against the sticker of 199g) for christmas and an Exposure Joystick Maxx if its ever delivered for my birthday (today).

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by Gregorio

Dont want to ruin your Holidays, but I think there was recently a recall on the Specialized 2D . You should check into it.

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by GrahamB

The recall has been discussed elsewhere: it only applies to the US model.

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by DocRay

Santa got me a Nike Triax Vapor 300 super:


Lightweight, sits on the side of your wrist so that it faces up when your hands are on the bars, with a curved LCD display.

...and it tells time.

Also Realrides DVD:

Which is ...meh. Nice idea, but not well executed.

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by aarw

sidi Genius 5.5 HT in csc white, some nice assos early winter socks and a few base layers.... and an ipod nano. my wife did well!

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by Flossie

A pair of overshoes and a blue tooth phone headset. This patticular headset was chosen because its very slim and 'I can wear it with my cycle helmet!' :roll:

Yeah.... Like I even answer my phone when I'm out riding!!!!!
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by gumgardner

selle italia teknologika flow. At least that's what I'm told. Its still not here. :evil:

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