What did you achieve on the bike this year?

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by Flossie

I hope you’ve all had a great years riding. I certainly have!

So did you achieve all you set out to do when you started training this time last year?
Have you gone up a category, finally gone under the hour for 25 miles, or completed the Etape Du Tour?
I’ve had a great year and managed to achieved all my aims. The biggest of which were my first 200mile ride and climbing all three road routes up Mt Ventoux in a single days ride. 4500m climbing in a 120 mile (200km) ride.

So what for next year? I think my biggest challenge is to persuade Mrs Flossie to agree to me having a C50!

Happy new year Weenies!
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by currieinahurry

yea my year was good went like this
flanders sportive
marmotte sportive
got my first win
my cat 3 licence

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by NS

1st Open TT win ever
1 criterium win

Then we moved and it all went tits up

Damaged Shoulder ligaments, torn Bicep, and just to make it a very merry Xmas Tendon problems in my knee

I suppose 1 bonus was I managed to get rid of my Cat 1 so I dont have to travel the country to race next year :D

Looking forward to 2,3,4 races.

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by Hyde

Sounds pretty lofty!!! My biggest achievement is that i have gone from doing 50-60mile rides to 100+ No 200 miles yet, that's a lonely day in my group of friends :wink: & my climbing continues to improve! Happpy newyear all!!!

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by alanmclean

Did my first ever crit, not dropped
Did my first ever road race, dropped but learnt a lot.
Did my second ever road race, 5th place and 10 quid prize money. Fifth place has never felt so good.

Finished Campagnolo Gran Fondo with mates after loadsa training/planning:

Improved my triathlon placings but no podium.

Biggest achievement was having fun with wife, kids, career, friends.



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not a very good year still learning a lot...

top ten in national stage race
won KOM in National race

otherwise average performances and not much to show. next year will be different though :lol:

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lite pete
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by lite pete

sore bum.... :lol:

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by micky

A 10th position in a granfondo and 1st age-category win.

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by Lardy

I managed to hospitalise myself with a big old bout of hyponatraemia during a hot 24hr solo. I was motoring at the time too.
Learned lots. Sort of a good experience, for next year.

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

I didn't ride a lot on my bike because of my studies, but during the summer I could train a bit and race with some pro riders (pro continental riders only) since I was a 1st cate rider in France. But I didn't train enough to get good results so I'm moving back to 2nd caté :oops: But doesn't really matter as I succeed in studies :)

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by Skillgannon

First 1000km week and first 30 hour week. First 90 hour month.
Bike related depression
First time properly vomiting on the bike
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by mises

I crashed without breaking any bones. First time that's happened since 1987 and since it was on vacation in the dolomites it was especially good fortune.

Otherwise it was a pretty poor year on the bike, I think it started when I took a month off the bike to remodel the house and inhaled untold decades of god knows what in the tear out phase. Never did get it going after that.

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by martin

Getting back on the bike after major knee surgery. Finishing the "Ötztaler" wit less than 3000km training. Not spending all money on bike parts (that was the hardest part)
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by justgoing

This was my first season of racing after a 10 year layoff.

I entered 17 races got dropped in two, got two top 10 finishes, one top five (fifth) and the rest were pack finishes.

Actually, I was suprised with my performance - My brother says knowing how to race can makes up for my sub par fitness. :D

I'm looking forward to the comming season since I'll be starting much more fit.

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by iliveonnitro

Started racing this year.
Won my last race in cat4.
Completed my first 100mi century 2 days before 2008, w/6200ft of climbing

Goals for next year:
Win a collegiate B race
Upgrade to cat3
Podium cat3 at tour of elk grove
LT of 300w (currently 261w)

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