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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

pretty expensive used bikes.

by Weenie

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by geraldatwork

I find it interesting. I guess the bikes become the property of the team to do as they please. Assuming that part of the value is that these are official race bikes from the Discovery Team members I find it curious that Contador's and Leipheimer's bikes were left out. At first I thought since Astana will be riding Trek bikes they they will just repaint them. But there are other ex Discovery riders who will ride for Astana whose bikes are up for sale. Maybe once these bikes are unloaded we will see Contador's and Leipheimer's bike offered for twice or three times the bikes here. "Official historic 2007 TDF winners and 3rd place certified race ridden bikes for sale" Maybe they can add that the bikes are certified steroid free.
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by scott97

And some of the not so fine print. :O)

The bike has been used by a Discovery Channel Team rider and WILL BE SOLD “AS IS.” Therefore it can be assumed that the bike will have markings and features related to a used bike. Tailwind Sports (and its officers, directors, shareholders, and management company), Trek Bicycle Corporation, any and all component manufacturers and their staff DO NOT CERTIFY THAT THIS BIKE, IN ITS CURRENT STATE, IS IN RIDING CONDITION AND ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES INCURRED TO THE BIKE OR ANY INDIVIDUALS ATTEMPTING TO RIDE THE BIKE.

Interesting though...

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by CharlesM

The big name bikes go to big wigs (sponsors / principals) or are kept by the big name riders...

Not sure anyone could expect tour podium bikes to be tossed in...

As for the money asked for these, to each his own. "Used" gets a whole new meaning when it comes to pro team bikes... Most look like they served as targets for a bb gun range and then sand blasted.

There was a Tour used Disco bike here in Phoenix and it was neat, but I wouldn't pay you half of retail for it, much less Double.
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by Danton

They're for collectors. Stock, off the shelf used bikes that have done a season with pro teams are not great machines. They've undergone a lot of pressure washes and the drivetrain maybe have been rinsed in diesel. Maybe they've been loaded onto car racks, racked in trucks and taken on planes, they won't look that good up close.

By all means buy one if you're a fan of Armstrong, Bruyneel or a particular rider but for the long term, I don't think a machine from the 2007 Tour is season is going to be a collector's favourite, it's been a bad year. Has Basso still got his Trek?

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by Kuiper

Does Tailwind Sports got a website?
I get a blanco page overhere: http://www.tailwindsports.com/

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by bobbyOCR

Why the hell would you pay extra for a bike that looks even worse than stock madones? Just pay less and get a black one.
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by ultimobici

How arrogant to think that Being ridden by a team rider a Trek is worth almost full retail!
Quickstep sold their much more desireable VXR & VXRS bikes for €1750 without wheels and €2000 with Racing 1's because they were USED.
Nice one Johan, take the piss with your race strategy for 9 years then take the piss some more with the garage sale!!

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by Warblade

I like the tt helmets... I think those would be worth it especially since they have the fairing molded into them.

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by Mordi

I noticed that Tailwind Sports is a zero feedback seller. Ominous?? :lol:

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by LegendRider

nicrump wrote:http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZtailwindsportscorp

I'd rather use that type of money for a tricked-out Crumpton with some change...

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by amos

You could justify the cost if money raised went to charity (as other riders have done) but not if it's going into the pockets of an almost defunct team.

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by lancejohnson

I laughed my butt off. 10K for a Madone - maybe if it's got 8K of gold bullion in the seat tube to weigh it down.

btw - Johan has nothing to do with this. It's Lance, Bill Stapleton, and a couple of other (apparently delusional) suits...

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by Weenie

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giant man
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by giant man

Christ what a total waste of money they are. So what if the Disco team have been riding them? Not worth that kind of dosh.

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