winter cycling in Israel

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by Erez_Pinarello

while you are all with snow out there in europe
there is a nice photo of a group ride this friday at 24 degree with a nice climb involved :-)


by Weenie

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by ferremi

24 degree and with arm warmers n leg warmers, oh my I went out out for a ride and it was a chilly 4 degrees. Um at least Sweden hasn't gotten snow yet :)
Looks amazing btw, have to get myself down to Israel and visit some friend and bring my bike :)

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by mathi

Nice film Erez , i think the girl at the back was just playing with you all and could have kicked your arses if she wanted :lol:

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by currieinahurry

ive never seen so many missmatching kits!! and assos mumu gear!! ahhhh :wink:

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by jeffr

24! that's freezing. It's 28 here in hawaii. :-)

Also, this belongs in cycle chat, thanks.

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by stella-azzurra

<yawn> What lame footage at best... :lol: Who puts on wheels with their bike upside down these days... :oops:
I give you some credit for tackling the climb.
Did you mean 24 degrees fahrenheit? because if it's celsius that is even more lame :roll:

lone wheeler
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by lone wheeler

nice positions :lol: and as someone noted in an earlier post, why put wheels in with the bike upside down?!?! :roll:

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by ncjok

I assume by the gear being worn that, having dealt with the bikes, you're all on some serious weight loss programs :shock:

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by strobbekoen

Looks like a nice winter ride to me!

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while you are all with snow out there in europe

I think the whole of Europe is snow free at the moment, apart from the mountains and the northern parts of Scandinavia. As mentioned in this thread, here in Stockholm it's rather mild.

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by swinter

currieinahurry wrote:ive never seen so many missmatching kits!! and assos mumu gear!! ahhhh :wink:

Were those Sugoi bibshorts that Doron was wearing with the Assos Mumu jersey?
"I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frightened of old ones." -- John Cage ... 928#126928

by Weenie

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