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by Gregorio

Did you mean spring of 08? 2009 is a long time away and I would think they would have new systems coming out by then.
And are they easy to use? I may be somewhat technically challenged. If it is to hard to use I will just keep my VDO computer.

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by swinter

DocRay wrote:
swinter wrote:The new ones with color maps sound nice, but a bit too expensive I think -- even for a WW.

the 305 intro price was high too. Spring of 09 it will be much cheaper and the bugs will be sorted out.

No doubt, though I think these started substantially higher. (The list in US dollars is $430 for the 605 and $540 for the 705.)

So let's say the Edge 705 comes down 25% to $400 (US). Would you buy it?

For that kind of money I would, at the very miniimum, want to know that they've developed a bomb-proof stabilization mechanism.

P.S. -- Gregorio: I think the 305 is pretty easy to use. Easier to set up than my prior Shimano Flight Deck. And you don't have to update the time twice a year, which was a pain in the a**. In general, the settings are easy to access and intuitive. And it calculates your wheel size by itself. (I hated counting cogs for my old Shimano or having to measure the wheel for the Cateye which I use as my backup.)
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