Do you guys love your bikes this much?

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by drjones96

This was discussed over on the FWB forum. Personally I'm shocked that he was treated this way. I mean seriously! He wasn't hurting anyone. I realize he failed to answer the door but they barged in on him....not the other way around. Let's say he was engaged in this activity with another person and someone barged in on him. He would be the one with cause for a suit. Not to mention he's now labeled as a sex offender. WTF?

Is it so wrong to love your bike in that way? :lol:

by Weenie

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by rustychain

I will never think of bike lube the same way :roll:

Was the bike made from carbon, ti, aluminium? Does it effect performance?

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by Mr.Gib

I don't get it. Are we talkin' seat tube, head tube or BB. (If it was the seat tube I hope it was at least a 31.8.)

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by smithy1.0

Totally agree with drjones. To be placed on the sex offenders register for three years is a bit harsh in my view. If he wants to shag bikes in the privacy of his own room then let him :? :D
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by evenfasterson

I agree there are people who get away with far more disturbing things. I must have missed the law that says "Intercourse with a bicycle is a criminal offence".

Hope it wasnt carbon, carbon splinters. Ouch.

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by geraldatwork

This guy could probably recommend a good bike lube.
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by Frankie - B

Sorry guys. Though it is cycling related I think it is not appropriate in here.
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by Weenie