World’s first ever 24hr Road Race

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by ben88

The worlds first ever 24hour road race has just been announced to be taking place here in the UK in July 08. Check out for more details including videos of the circuit. Sounds very interesing. What do you guys make to the idea.

Ive done 24 hour mountain bike races in the past but this is deffinatly something else!

The same organisers created the Sleepless in the Saddle 24 hour race 10 years ago and run numerious other events that are very highly rated.


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by currieinahurry

yea my club are getting a team together. not sure if ill do it tho.

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by ajh

I would be afraid to see what happens when 50 plus riders are riding in a line, on the road, in the middle of the night with little to no sleep.

My guess is more than a few very dangerous crashes would occur.

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by racyrich

It's a relay race so there won't be exhausted riders out there.
Knowing where it is though I can safely say it will be pitch black at night.

So, time for weightweenie light suggestions :D :D

2 wheels
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by 2 wheels

There has been a 24 hour road cycling event in Denmark for some years now named Melfar 24 Hour Cycling Challenge:
Not a real race with prizes etc. though, but a "sportive cycle ride" as they call it:
About the race

Melfar 24 Hour Cycling Challenge isn't a race but a sportive cycle ride made individually.

Melfar 24 Hour is a full supported ride wiht individual timing, assistance, a diploma and a tee-shirt for people who reach finishing line.

There's also a similar 24 hour road challenge in America:

24 Hour Road Records:

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by alanmclean

This is a floodlit race in Feltre a couple of weeks before the Gran Fondo Campagnolo.

Hope the UK one is fun.


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by marko

There was a race like this in Texas in the 80's with 20- 25 mile loops and they did it around 24 hours. If I remember it was cold and rainy as well.

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by KB

In the UK there's a 24 hour time trial national championship. The record is over 500 miles. They've been running it for a very long time.

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by kingtom

and what's the first there??? 24h-races you can do all over the world, many years again. for sure, that isn't the first :roll:

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by snips

Riding in a group in the dark...obviously haven't done the Dunwich Dynamo then :D

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by bobbyOCR

racyrich wrote:It's a relay race so there won't be exhausted riders out there.
Knowing where it is though I can safely say it will be pitch black at night.

So, time for weightweenie light suggestions :D :D

AYUP Leds. ~150g for one set of lights and a 3 hour battery.

Very bright too. For one set it is very cheap, I got two for XC racing, and they are powerful enough to pull off a time just over a day time on an extremely technical course.
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by KDS

Here in Belgium there is every year a 24h road race, so you guys are not the first ones :P
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by sharkman

In Germany they alos do something like that on the Nürnburgring (race track also known as the green hell). Nice to seen all thos riders with high tech Lupine lights turning night into bright daylight......

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by jeclark

Try Styrkeproven in Norway - happens every June.

550 kilometres of hell - I finished it in 21 hours last year riding through the night and 19 hours of rain :shock:

Not a 24 hour event but one of those to tick off your list....
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by eurostyle

I am going to ride Styrkeprøven this year. Aiming for 18 hours. Not racing though, more like cruising. The fastest teams finish this 550 k ride in 14 hours

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