schmolke raises prices

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by marecej

I just browsed through the schmolke webpage and noticed that the TLO bar went 30 euro up to 219 and the TLO post went 40 euro up to 430 euro

Making the most expensive parts even more expensive?
I understand it with the bar as there is no one producing such a thing..but post? sorry but ax is 85euro cheaper!

Friend of mine ordered schmolke post last year and it came 1cm shorter..too bad they can't even measure ti correctly at this price tag :-/

Just to make it clear: I love their products and the lightweight they achieved and will buy the bar in even it is 30 euro more, it just made me upset and I wanted to share my feelings with you as I sit here on a night shift after 40 hours w/o serious sleep to earn money for Mr. Schmolkes coal sticks :twisted:

(maybe he just realized that tune concorde went 70 euro down, so we can smash them on his account :-) )
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by RTW

Schmolke Carbon has always had a long waiting list for certain items. Perhaps this is the way of just trying to curb demand a bit, so they don't have to have such a large number of back orders.

by Weenie

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by CharlesM

Carbon simply costs more... While large companies feel it less, Guys like Schmolke use only a fraction and pay through the nose to get it.

And I can't remember the last increase he had in years.

Everyone's cost of living has gone up over the past several years. As much or more than carbon, life costs more to live and when you're a small shop. life and material are both "material costs".

It was time for a cost bump for him.

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