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by Gregorio

get well soon NICOLA !
English Shmenglish, I have lived in the USA all my life and can not master this language; much less a second one. Good Luck

by Weenie

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by 80Nicola80

Thanks to all

@Gulso: yes!!!!!!!!

@PezTech: the black jersey's are prototype
:lol: :lol:

I am very sorry for michael, in March found in the training and said "this jersey pois no... yellow jersey! ! he said he will try his best

It is all the fault of micky

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by Paulio

Here are a few pics of the inside of the shop....






I was there during the summer - we honeymooned near to Bardolino which is close to Lazise where the bike shop is located.

You have Rasmussen's KoM bike along with his jersey and Floyd Landis' yellow jersey from the 2006 Tour (or should that now be Oscar's jersey?).

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by CharlesM

Also an Old T mobile sitting in there...

This is, without doubt a shop full of broken dreams and mixed emotion.

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by mises

There is a lot of research on regrowing/reestablishing nerve cell connections and with man/machine interfaces to control limbs so sooner or later science will catch up.

But while you wait you need to get a custom carbon wheelchair! I think Nick Crumpton has done a few special projects like that. I've also seen a few 4wheel offroad versions around too. Stock chair must be at least 7kg overweight. :twisted:

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by Hyde

Most of us can figure out what a person is trying to communicate so post away! The more knowledge we have here the better! Hope you fully recover in good time!

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by si1ver

Welcome and please post something some of us are from all over world with english being second language. Believe me somehow we will understand

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by 80Nicola80

thanks guys!!

It is all the fault of micky

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