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by OJ


So now it happened. Very good source for cycling bittorrents started blocking traffic from Canada due to getting threats from a lawyer representing music and film industry. Since all the other bittorrent sites concentrate mostly on long movies and music, it's very difficult to find bike race torrents.

Is there any way that I could fool this site X that I'm not from Canada so that it would let me in?

If someone knows a good site where I could get cycling races, please let me know. Preferably by PM.

It sucks to live in north america when it comes to seeing bike races. I don't like Versus with Calgary Stampede commercials and commercial DVD's...I'd rather get live recorded races with less "noise" and no Bob Roll stuff. Honestly...I don't even download movies and I haven't downloaded music that would be available elsewhere than online through P2P programs. This sucks." onclick=";return false;

by Weenie

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by madcow

Using a proxy would probably do it for you. I'd suggest using a program called proxy checker. With it you can just copy and paste a large list of proxies from the net, then check them all at once in just a few seconds. It will tell you which ones forward the least info, as well which are the fastest connection. read their entire faqs section first.

Information on proxy judges can be found here: ... afe-proxy/

There are also proxy services(anonymizers) such as ghost surf, but generally they do not have the speed to handle large dl's quickly.

Utorrent is a great bit torrent client. Probably the best I've seen, and it supports using a proxy so I'd suggest using that as well for you dls

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by OJ

Fock! I had some time to play with the computer but I just can't get this proxy thing working. I can enter the site but I can't log in or download any of the older stuff i.e. -07 Worlds or anything.

If someone has the elite worlds race I'll give my firstborn for it.

I miss Eurosport!" onclick=";return false;

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