Worth Going Back For? Slightly OT.

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by Pirahna

Sorry this is off topic.

I picked up my new forks on the way home from work this evening, a nice pair of 350 gram carbon ones. I'm on the motorcycle, so I put them in the rucksack and make sure the zips are clipped together to stop the rucksack unzipping.

Guess where I going with this. At around 80 MPH one side of the zip broke, I feel the bag go light, look in the mirror and I can see my work shirt flapping in the breeze. Hand up the back and the forks are gone. By the time I stop it's well over half a mile since I lost the forks.

It's dusk and raining heavily on a 2 lane road with lots of traffic. It's about 8 miles round and there is no sign of the forks or the shirt, so I think the forks have probably hit the road and bounced onto the grass verge.

I really don't want to leave them there but I know they're not worth going back for.

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by simon

at least they are not worth it anymore...

or try to find them and cheat the manufacturers warranty or the insurance...

by Weenie

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