BTP Lightbike sub 6kg meeting 13th October 2007

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by dark_albert

Hi guys,

i just would like to know who is coming to BTP´s Lightbikemeeting?

It is only on the german homepage. Take a look at: ... effen.html

I will be there. Maybe here in the forum are some guys which will be there too. I spoke to Carsan. Maybe he will be there too. If you take a look at "Teilnehmerliste", you can see a list of the guys which will be there.
The only rule is: Your bike must be less 6kg. At TT-bikes it is more. But i think you are welcome with a bikeweight waht ever it is.

If you are interrested, just send a mail to BTP or ask me.

Hope to see you soon.


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by tochnics

sounds good but my bike is 6,5 kg and no more cash to spend :?
o well its half a day or car or train ride so i will pass anyway
can u make some nice pictures for us fatboys? :P

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by Principia

pics from the meeting in hamm/germany


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by mathi

Looks like you fellas had a top day :D wish i had been there

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