E-Bay and bike Frames?

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by fl8216

if you buy a new bike frame, from an e-bay store or individual (on e-bay) do you have a warranty with the bike manufacturer? or are you (S.O.L.)


by Weenie

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by QuattroAssini

Depends on the manufacturer and the seller.....

If the frame is used, you likely only have a warranty if the warranty is transferrable(possible) or the actual seller offers one (not likely)

If the frame is new, and being purchased from an approved dealer, you will likely get the warranty that comes with the frame from the factory.

What it really comes down to is that you should ask the seller lots of questions on this subject if it is important to you.....

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by si1ver

I am seller on eBay and it’s really depends on the brand and condition of the product .It is most likely that seller does not offer their own warranty except the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. It would be advisable to ask seller lots of questions before you bid or click the buy it now. Another is to be sure that you get the shipping charges confirmed before hand. Good luck

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