STOLEN: Cannondale System 6 [UPDATED: GOT IT BACK!]

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by RacerBoy

Probably hopeless but here goes:

Stolen yesterday outside of Stockholm Sweden. (Just before the start of a race, so I wasn't even able to race :( )

Cannondale System 6 Size 48cm
As pictured here BUT with Cane Creek Aros Wheels (Blue & White decals)

Please if anyone sees anything, let me know!!!
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by biky

give a call to your cannondale dealer
Cannondale europe sents all dealers a mail to be aware of the stolen bike
so they know when someone offers it when buying a new bike.

best of luck
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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

check parts on the internet.
I hope not, but thiefs sometimes just throw the stripped frame in the channel/river... (frames are trackable, whereas parts most of times are not)
good luck though, I guess 48cm cannondales are not so common in Sweden...

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by Robbb


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by jersievers

I had a friend that bought a Cannondale MTB bike from a classified add back in college. He took it to a shop to have an overhaul. They were a Cannondale dealer and they had a practice of "running" all of the Cannondale numbers for stolen bikes. He bought it from someone who had stollen it and the shop kept the bike and called the cops. The bike was returned to the owner and my friend luckily got off because he was able to find the classified add from local paper archive.

This was at colorado state college. Cops were pretty serious as was the dealer. I told my friend he was an idiot for getting that bike because at the time it was a $4000 bike he got for like $300, it looked new.

Good luck.
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by DiterDV

I feel really sorry for you, I know because it happend to me too. :cry:
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by hyperion3

it is boring, but try on ebay....they always go there!
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by ElDuderino

I always have a naive sense of security about things while at a race. So many other things to worry about that you don't really think about things like the bike swiped. Lets be more careful with these big $ bikes.

Total bummer, man. Must be devastating.

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by RacerBoy

Thanks for all the support!

Someone found it and I got it back!

Full story later... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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by RTW

Holy crap. Lets have the story!

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by drjones96

Wow! I hope it was a happy ending. (Bike mostly if not all intact)

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i hope you went in 'all guns blazing' i know i would definately end someone that nicked my bike!
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by RacerBoy

Ok, so here goes. Yesterday just before the race I had my usual pre-race stomach so I rushed to the locker rooms to do my business. Without a second thought I put the bike just inside the entrance and went in for 2-3 minutes tops. When I got back out the bike was gone. Missed the race and spent the rest of the day driving around looking for the bike cursing myself for being so stupid...

Had trouble sleeping and my day today was totally ruined and I was in a shitty mood at work all day.

Got home and at something like 7 o clock the phone rang and it was a guy from my team, he had gotten a call from someone who had found a bike with my name on it. Apparently they had seen my name on the frame, "googled" me and found my team's webpage, found this guys number, he got a hold of me and I got the finder's number.

Called them up and yup it was my bike, yup it seemed to be in good shape an yup, sure I can come pick it up right away.

Turns their kid had found it pretty close to where I had lost it. (I did search the area pretty thoroughly so my guess is someone took it, got cold feet and sort of put it back). He had brought it back home to bring it to the police because in Sweden the law states that if noone claims it for 3 months it belongs to whoever found it. His mom "googled" me and a few hours later I was there to pick it up. Anyhow, after I gave the kid a nice finder's fee I was on my merry way home.
is still on the bars and the only thing missing are two bottles filled with Maxim Electrolyte, but I guess I'll manage without those :wink:

I'm SO releived right now...

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by Sam

ohh! Nice to hear. In Sweden there are alot of commuter bikes being stolen, but not race bikes, specially not on a race event.

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by biky

good to hear!!!

next time use a little lock!!
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