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by drjones96

-I'm going to get an "I told you so" or something out of this but -

On my T-Th group rides we ride around a lake. Recently they started making you either buy a yearly pass or pay $1 to ride around it. Well it took forever for them to build the guardhouse so they just delayed the action of making us pay to go through until it was done. So.....no worries. No need to buy a $30 pass if you don't have to. You just need to remember to carry a $1 in the event that it should open. So I did.....until one day I forgot....and then they opened. This old man wouldn't let me go through. So I stand there and watch the rest of my group go on through. :lol:

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by Flossie

I once assembled a cassette 12, 13, 15, 14, 16, etc.... didnt change to well!
Just got back from a holiday to Mt Ventoux and had forgotten to take my shoes with me! Fortunately I had my MTB shoes and pedals, but carbon wheels and MTB clogs just aint right!
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by Weenie

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by LouisN

Just bought a bike that seemed like a good bargain...


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by Ghastly

Once tried to descend a real motorcross track (in Kester, Belgium)...
With a few trainingbuddies (Weylandt, Schets,...) on a ride we allready rode through a lot of fields of corn (maïs). Weylandt didn't like his bike anymore (not stiff anymore he said), but he didn't get a new one from his team. So he decided he would have to brake the frame to get a new. To accomplish that he made some speed on the road, jumped into a field of corn and tried to go as far as possible!
After that, the frame still was ok, we went to the crosstrack. We tought off switching to our mtb's, but that was to much hassle...
I tried it once, crashed and then let the others do the rest. When i came home, i had to let myself rest against a wall to get my shoes out of the pedals!

This all happened on the end off the cyclingseason and the day after the race. We also trained!
It also happened on a race bike...

Much wiser and less crazy on training since then!

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