Dario isnt well

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by KenDobson

Read a letter on Gita bike that Dario has found out he has cancer. I send my best wishes.

I had just placed a order for a bike from him, my dealer told me that Dario was going for treatment but would be back building bikes when he feels better.

I hope that he gets better.

Ken Dobson

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by Hyde

That's terrible to hear. Don't know him but have known people with cancer. Hope he is able to work through it.

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by mouse

best wishes to an amazing artisan.

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by Warblade

Dario Pegoretti?!

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by Skunk


Be strong and get well soon Dario!

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by twoangstroms

Best thoughts and hopes to Dario and all his friends and relatives.

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by KB

I hope he gets well soon. In a world of mass production he's one of the people who stand out for individuality. My best wishes.

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by Huntsman

Does anybody have any news on how Dario is doing?
I haven't seen anything since the original communication about his diagnosis with lymphoma :cry:

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by bbtheory

It is very sad to hear this, what an inspiring note from Dario as well. It is amazing how much grace and strength people in this type of situation can muster. My wife's sister died from aggressive breast cancer when she was 37 (a few years ago). I hope Dario gets well soon.
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