Question on will bike box fit in rental car when in Munich??

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by bikerjulio

You do realize that this thread is almost 9 years old?
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by tymon_tm

will this be helpful?


Touran's not that big of car, it's essentialy a Golf with more space above the head. you could ask for a VW Sharan, its a bit bigger:

kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

by Weenie

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by Exar

bikerjulio wrote:You do realize that this thread is almost 9 years old?

Good catch. I hadn't even noticed!
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by halvard

I once fit a scicon bike case in a rented Nissan Note. So a Touran should be no problem for two boxes.
I can fit two bikes plus lots of luggage in a Corsa, which is again much smaller than a Touran (no boxes though)

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by djm

I own a Touran, however with the back seats out, and can fit a whole load of stuff in there.

It will fit my bike box standing up, laying on one of the long sides, and would fit even with two seats fitted. My box is a rather large one, the Trico Sports Case.

Also fitted my bike box in a rented Ford C-Max with no issues and plenty of room left for a couple of suitcases or duffel bags (all seats put down). A Skoda Octavia (wagon) also works great.


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by Stork

Hi all, sorry if this is a wrong thread. I and my brother are going to Dubai next month and we are thinking about using this service for long term car rental Dubai can offer. What I am not sure about is what kind of car will be best for storing two bikes and how much this will cost us. Did anyone try something like that in Dubai? Please share your experience if you did, I’ll appreciate any tips.

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by djm

Does anyone drive anything but Landcruisers (or Toyotas re-named versions of it) in The UAE? :-)

Rented a car there once. It was huge. No need to take off wheels on the bike..

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by HammerTime2

mike1234 wrote:
ploglet wrote:I am going over to Italy to ride this summer and need to rent a car and have been looking at the Volkswagen Touran but I was wondering if anyone on the board has one or has rented one and if you can fit two bike boxes in the thing while only putting down one side of the back seat?

Any other suggestions? Renting a full size van is a last resort as I have done this on a previous trip and the cost of the full size ones is crazy these days.

Hello Ploglet,
I would like to recommend easycar(dot)com
Ha ha, ploglet's trip was 9 1/2 years ago.

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