Road or Mountain Bike Trails in Tanzania?

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by ryan_sherlock

(Long time reader of the forum but I don't post very often)

I'm an Elite level XC racer and my season ends at the end of September. After that I'm heading to Tanzania (Dar es sallem initially) for a month before I start training properly again for the next season :)

I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with biking of any sort over there... I'd like to go on a few spins when I'm there. I can take my road or mtb with me and have no real preference as to which I take - anyone gone biking there?

I've googled a good bit and there are a few mtb safari options but I don't know if that's what I'm really after... (Imagine getting stuck on a day of mountain biking with a group of non bikers going 5kph all day and skipping all the nice climbs/descents)

I'll have transport to get around when I'm there if that helps.

Joe S
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by Joe S

Well, I've been touring Tanzania on a bicycle a couple of years ago (starting from Dar, then Zanzibar, Pemba and inland along the Highway to Kenya). That was a rewarding experience involving some great scenery and a first hand experience of what Africa looks like, when you are not on the beach or on safari. But a bit different from what you want to do.

I would not bring a racing bike - only 5% of the roads will be suitable for that. If you bring your mtb and go to one of the mountaineus areas you should be able to find lots of trails (locals use for them for walking not bicycling). Maybe have a look at Usambara (features some great climbing - I remember going up for about 20 km), og perhaps Uluguru. You will have to find your own way. And be prepared to be odd man out, if you go in full kit, like i did!

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