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by civdic

Looking to get some high vis gloves for fall riding. Not sure if I should just order some high vis gloves off of Amazon. The cycling specific gloves are very expensive and I'm not sure if they offer any advantages over what I can find at the local Home Dept. Any feedback???

by Weenie

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by okimy

Cycling specific gloves offer more comfort while riding. They are often padded and have a palm area that allows you to slide a bit in case you fall (so you don't lose skin on your palm). Seasonal gloves usually have some kind of wind/water resistant fabric as well, which makes them more expensive, but keeps your hand warm.

I personally would go for cycling gloves, but I might have a different approach to equipment than you (I like to buy high quality stuff and use it as long as possible, imo better than frequently buying cheap).
If you decide to buy gloves from the home departement, then make sure the palm is robust enough to protect your hand in case of a crash.

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by mrfish

Utility gloves < bike gloves < winter sport gloves is how it goes on price. All offer options which are functionally suitable for biking or skiing, but you might give up soft snot wipes or gel padding in the right spots. At a basic level the utility gloves will look a bit more utility and have less design and marketing behind them, but a basic knit glove suitable for gardening, walking or XC skiing is a basic knit glove whichever way you look at it.

You pays your money and takes your choice, which is why ski patrollers often wear cheap kincos.

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