Traffic on the Stelvio in Autumn?

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by Konsi


I am planning a bikepacking trip through the alps in October, and am struggling with the decision to either have a very long day, tackling the Stelvio on a Friday afternoon, or split it up and go for the Stelvio on Saturday.

My cycling partner would prefer the shorter stages, but we are both a bit worried about the amount of traffic on the pass. Is it a huge difference between Friday and Saturday? Or does it not matter anymore in October?

I'd be thankful for any insights!

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by Ypuh

I was on the Stelvio last friday. There are motorcycles and super cars going up/down, but all in all not much of a bother. Would even name it pretty quite compared to what I expected (and probably compared to the usual summer crowds).

Weather can be very unpredictable in october though. It can be fantastic (like I had last week), but the next day there can be snow, wind and cold.

Don't let the traffic stop you I'd say. People are decent careful of cyclists.
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by Weenie

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by micky

As mentioned above weather could be the real bummer for you.
Years ago I had to go to Bormio on September/October and Stelvio was one of the route options but it was closed.

Right now in Italy there's an unusual heat wave but it seems it could end by the next week.

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by Mr.Gib

2600 meters altitude. You had better be sure about the weather. The traffic will not be your problem.

Also remember that the top can be avoided by using the Umbrail pass.
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by mrfish

+1. If traffic is a concern, but weather is dry and warm enough to avoid ice, start early to avoid traffic peaks.

by Weenie

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by basilic

I wouldn't think weekend traffic is bad in October, but keep us posted please.
But weather, yes, I remember snow on a September 1st, from 1900m, small avalanches across the road, the coldest I've been on a bike.

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