Ski Helmet For Bike?

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by Qaipapo

Hey guys, just wondering if theres any reason why a ski helmet wouldn't fly for riding bike and skateboaring, like one of those science type reasons. Like a DIN, ASTM, TUV type reason. For instance I know moto-type helmets are designed around a single impact and so don't work for auto racing etc like on this url.
I have a smith maze that seems like it could do some good as an urban/dj hat, without looking any stupider than your avg. skate style bike helmet. Feel pretty good about it, but theres a lot of wicked smart kids out there who may know different.
yes I know it will be hot as balls.
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by Weenie

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by gwilson

The two main differences are (1) even though they're both helmets, they are designed for very different impacts and meet different safety standards, so a ski helmet might not protect you as well in a crash; and (2) ski helmets are designed for cold weather and will run much hotter than a cycling helmet.
Other than that it's probably also going to be significantly heavier and might look silly, but those are more minor reasons. A ski helmet will be better than no helmet, but in the long term you should get a cycling helmet.

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by okimy

A ski helmet will probably be slightly off of the level of protection a cycling specific helmet offers, but still fairly good, as both are usually single impact helmets and the impacts aren't that much different, snow slides a bit more, but is still very hard when you hit the ground.
I have done it in winter so my ears don't freeze off and would do it again, but if you want to be on the safe side, get a cycling specific helmet.

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by mrfish

There is a lot written on the Internet about this topic, but from what I can see mostly by people who did not take the time to compare the standards bike and snow helmets are designed to meet. Read here for a summary focused on impact standards (select bike from the menu).

First thing is that there are many different standards for both types of helmets, so you can always find differences if you compare say a Canadian ski standard with an EU or Australian bike standard.

Next is that the standards include a wide range of tests including coverage requirements, impact with different energies and anvil shapes, pre-conditioning (temperature, UV aging etc), retention, visibility angles...

At a very basic level, if you compare an EN ski and EN bike helmet requirement for impact, they are similar. In other respects there are differences, but personally I think these are not huge, so I would be quite happy to wear a ski helmet while biking in cold weather. I would not wear a road bike helmet skiing however as coverage requirements are too low. But any helmet would be better than no helmet. If I were doing highly aerobic ski touring without danger of rockfall, e.g. on piste training, then a mtb helmet might actually be a better option than a ski touring helmet certified for climbing as it is closed on top for obvious reasons and has better penetration resistance, but has little or no rear coverage.

Intuitively, if you look at the design of an MTB and ski helmets they are of similar materials and thickness, meaning their impact absorption characteristics physically cannot be completely different. Also there are a number of dual certified helmets, which are not significantly different to bike or ski only helmets.

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