How old is your groupset on your daily ride

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by ico

Chorus 11, 2011 with Q rings.

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by cheapvega

I only have one bike and I ride 2-3x/week. But it's all pretty fresh- DA9000 with a Quarq + Extralite crankset

by Weenie

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by Stefano

Record 10 from 2006. Still shifts like a dream.

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by tymon_tm

my main is still fresh, but my "2nd/bad weather bike" is on DA 7800 - it's still a phenomenal groupset
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

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by Berzin1

I have a Dura Ace 9-speed purchased whenever it was first released, 1997 perhaps?

Still looks nice, still functions extremely well as if I had just recently purchased the gruppo. This to me was about as good as it has gotten for Shimano. Every other gruppo going forward has been about changes made for the sake of changes, weight savings and all manner of other things that really don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

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by dolophonic

Red Etap nearly 5 yrs old and going strong. aLot of kms . i mean a LOT ! :thumbup:

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by TribesMan

Chorus 3 years old, 37.000km.

I think mileage is much more important factor than just age.

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by DeRosa69

Ultegra from 2016. Around 5.000 Km.

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by wheelsONfire

Etap since summer 2018, but it wasn't in use much 2018 and went on my latest Ax which was let out in 2019.
Also Ultegra 6870 Di2 with Easton EC90 crank. Like 2016.

However, i like to have Rotor 1*13 (never tried it though)

Ax Lightness Vial EVO Race (2018.12.21)
Paduano Racing Fidia (kind of shelved)
Open *UP* (2016.04.14)

Ex bike; Vial EVO D

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by prebsy

my most used bike right now is my surly cross check.
shifters and rd: chorus 2011
fd: ultegra 6600 ~2008
crankset: grx ~2020

so anywhere from 12years to < 1 year =)

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by Mockenrue

Just under 45,000km on my main training bike since mid-2015. Record EPS.

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by Yemble

11sp Force 22 group, 4 years old currently. Won't be updating it until SRAM get 12 or 13sp mech road groups out so... possibly never :roll:

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by dgasmd

1. Guerciotti (steel) 1988 Campagnolo C-Record 6 sp.

2. LOOK 595 Ultra: 2006 Campagnolo Record 10 sp.

3. Time RXR: Campagnolo 2009 Super Record 11

4. Colnago C60: 2018 Super Record 11 sp.

5. LOOK 785 Huez RS: 2019 Campagnolo Super Record 11 sp.

All rim brakes and all working flawlessly like on day one. Don’t see myself moving on to 12 sp or disc for a very very long time!

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by dgasmd

Frankly, I’m not surprised this thread hasn’t gotten 1000 replies already. I’m sure it is because most people here, like in the market in general, probably change bike/components every 1-1.5 years! Not passing judgement as the car that has lasts he most in my hands in the last 10 years is nearing 20 months, and it is already twice as long as the others before it!

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by yinya

2016 Force22 with 38k km, but replaced right STI and rear cage + pulleys.

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by Weenie

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