How old is your groupset on your daily ride

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by uraqt

In another thread, someone pointed out that Etap is out of production. That got me thing about groupset longevity and what is the expection for avaiblity of parts and how long should parts last?

My daily ride groups are over about 19 years old with about 4/5,000 miles a year in all weather.


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by ghisallo2003

Record 10 !

by Weenie

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by Orbital

Chorus 11, 2015+ with ~2014 SiSL crank.

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by Singular

Record 10 here too. Gone through one set of chainrings but rotating lots of wheels and cassettes.

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by Alexbn921

Less than a year, but my last group was 14 years old when I sold it.

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by themidge

Only been using it a year, but I'm on Sram Red 10 from like 2008 or something. Especailly when you're on a budget, new is not always best :wink:

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by kbbpll

2010 Record 11 (SR 180 cranks) so not that old. 1980 Nuovo Gran Sport on my trainer, my original road bike.

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by JMeinholdt

My AXS group is only about a month old. However, on my other bike, my R8000 group is about 2 years old. Only way I'll swap out the R8000 group on my secondary bike is if I find a too good to pass up deal on a used Di2 or 11 speed eTap group.
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by Alexbn921

I forgot to mention that my main commute bike is a 97 super v with a 30+ year old xtr group.

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by jbaillie

Funny how many folks are still on 10s. Almost as though that's plenty...
Force/Red 10 (FD, RD are from original build in 2011, crank and shifters were replaced a few years ago with the short-lived G3 Red 10s from 2012/13)

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by joejack951

Not my daily ride any more but I still regularly use my commuter bike with Ultegra 6503 (9 speed, circa 2007). Daily ride is Chorus 11 (2016).

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by ghostinthemachine

My personal road bikes, that are still on use (not in storage) are on an assortment of stuff going back as far as 10 speed 105.
Main ride is a mixture of R6800/R8000. So fairly new.
Bikes in storage go back as far as the mid/late 80s. So fairly old.

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by Bondurant

Chorus 11 dating from 2010 on my nice bike, and a total mish mash of Campag groups plus Shimano long reach brakes on my winter bike, none of it remotely current.

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by sanrensho

6800/9000 running as 10-speed. Winter "upgrade" will be Di2 7970 10s.

by Weenie

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by maxim809

My oldest daily ride is 5 years old... buuuuut... my new daily ride is not even a month old.


To answer your question 1 month old.
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