Any Engineers around here?

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Are you an engineer?

I’m a dentist duh
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by Yoln

Since it looks like the engineer profession is over represented around here, I thought I might as well ask...
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by Alexbn921

high voltage electrical startup engineer :)

by Weenie

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by wheelbuilder

lol. Well played Yoln.
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by Mr.Gib

There was once a comment in a post describing a posh bike shop as the place to go if you wanted to watch a dentist get fitted on a Cervelo. Still cracks me up.

I answered no, I'm a university prof that rides more then teaches. Got my priorities right.

Wait a minute - are you just trying to out the dentists?
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by spdntrxi

could we just say we stayed at the holiday inn ?
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by maxim809

I've always theorized that an engineer invented the dentist joke as a diversion from having their own careers in the spotlight.
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by sychen

Where's the "I studied engineering but ended up in IT" option?

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by Dannnnn

I'm a design engineer, so technically I suppose I am.

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by Ypuh

sychen wrote:
Tue Aug 18, 2020 7:11 am
Where's the "I studied engineering but ended up in IT" option?

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Haha, +1.

Does working with aerospace engineers all day count as well? They're exhausting. Best feedback I ever got was: "It's not horrible".
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I think that this poll is destined to suffer from a certain level of participation bias. As the saying goes, how can you tell if someone is an engineer?

Dont worry, they'll tell you.

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by guadzilla

Engineer, finance, spent far too much time working with corporate lawyers and now retired beach bum... what does that make me?

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by CustomMetal

I used to teach engineering...
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by CarlosFerreiro

Council civil engineer, coming on 30 years.
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by mikemelbrooks

The amount of money I just handed over to my dentist I might as well bought him a Cervelo!

by Weenie

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by alanyu

Work in physics, partially discussion in the bike industry. Anyway not an engineer.

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