AbsoluteBlack GRAPHENLube... $150 a bottle to save 7 watts?

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by Discodan

PlumzRichard wrote:
aeroisnteverything wrote:
Wed Sep 02, 2020 4:59 pm
Sounds like a potentially good deal then. 1800 miles in mixed weather without re-lubing.... yeah, the bottle is worth the price, particularly if the lube is also as effective in keeping the friction down.
you seem to be the first person other than myself to actually look past the RRP and do your own maths and work out thats the case... Unfortuantly people are to blinded by the price to actually listen to the evidence.
I get that but part of the appeal of a $15 bottle of squirt is that I don’t have to keep track of how many k’s I’ve done and when it’s due for lube. you can just top it up every week or two and it doesn’t matter if you’re over-lubing. I’m too lazy for the liquid gold as appealing as it sounds

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by Weenie

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by FactoryMatt

yeah that's gross. at 1300-1700 miles chain would probably look pretty furry if you put a magnet to it.

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by uraqt

While I'm not against spending money, I have a road bike that I skipped changing the chain on accident then it kinda became a "thing/test" how long can I ride it just with lubing to keep it quite... well about 8,000 miles later I just chicked out afraid that something would break or start skipping mid ride.. I think the total price to replace the chain ring, cassete and pulleys was about 150 USD... Yes I am a great price shopper but all the parts were bought from a retail shops and I live in amild climate. I did ride in the rain and I did wipe down the chain every few rides.

My point most poeple are using resonable priced lube or making their own and getting resonable milage from their maintenance process, so trying to sell 150 lube no matter how great it is, is a very very big stretch.


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by aeroisnteverything

That depends on the chainrings, cassette and pulleys you are using. Some ride with CarbonTi, THM or Rotor Qarbon chainrings, DA cassette and ceramic pulley wheels - total replacement cost is well north of $500. Chain is by far the cheapest component there. Plus we are comparing costs of using regular lube regularly and this AbsoluteBlack thing about 10 times less frequently. Put another way, if the price means you are getting the equivalent of 10 squirt/smoove bottles, the value proposition becomes more readily apparent.

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