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by rapsac

r2-bike, bike24, bike-components
Prefer the first two a bit more, the latter is slower these days due to Covid issues.

by Weenie

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by dj97223

I always check Starbike first. They often have great prices, are reliable, have been around a long time, ship promptly to the US, and are a forum sponsor. I've bought 2 sets of Bora wheels and various other bits from them. When I've tried to save a few bucks by buying elsewhere I have sometimes regretted it.
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by exctasy

any good reviews on and their international shipping?

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by Mascalzone

BikeBug in Australia and Probike most recently for me, prices have been the reason. Although PBK can take awhile to arrive her in OZ (even pre-COVID). Like most others, Wiggle has really gone downhill, rarely buy from there anymore. Dunno what the story is with LordGun, only noticed them recently, seem to have a great range but postage to OZ is crazy expensive (recently bought a Deda headset from them and postage was almost as much as the product but no one else stocked it). Bike24 is great even though it can also take awhile to arrive (bit of a theme when you live on the other side of the world...) but not everything ships to OZ.

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by JoO

I live in belgium.
For consumables I first look to bike24 and mantel ( delivery d+2)
A few checks at bike-components + google
For electronics customer service second to none.
(Wahoo kickr made some noise, replaced for free no shipping cost!)
Wiggle never has lower prices in EUR.
Unless it is out of stock => almost clickbait

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by JoO


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by mike

Starbike and fairwheelbikes!!!

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by vincenz

The usual suspects Chainreaction, Merlin, ProBikeKit. I’m liking BikeInn too, but covid is causing some issues with delivery for them.

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by dshiels

Merlin - great pricing and fast delivery

Wiggle - great selection of products and their own brand products are well priced, low threshold for free delivery and returns policy

Sigmasports - probably a better selection than wiggle but a bit more expensive. Good returns policy

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by RyanH

I feel like this is a little tone deaf to have a best online store thread on a forum that's paid for and hosted by an online store. Is that just me?
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by micky

Almost same feeling like when some posters claim this is an american forum despite having a german based host.

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by Konsi

RyanH wrote:
Mon Jun 15, 2020 1:20 am
I feel like this is a little tone deaf to have a best online store thread on a forum that's paid for and hosted by an online store. Is that just me?
I have checked Starbike several times, never any stock of the things I wanted to order ... it is about as useful for me as the weight listings are up to date.

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by bikeboy1tr

I just ordered a pair of DHB bibshorts from Wiggle and only after checking out I learned they are using Skynet for shipping which if I had known before I would not have purchased. Anyway Skynet lost the package so I asked Wiggle for a refund which they did give me. I know CRC is also using Skynet which doesnt impress me much but I am hoping that Merlin doesnt do the same thing which last time I used them they did not use Skynet. I was able to find a pair of bibshorts through La Passione site who use the Elastic Interface pad similar to the DHB shorts. Best part is they have a distributor on this side of the pond.
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by matioli

Very good to see many different options...
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by nismosr

anyone of you from the US got charge tax/duties from a 1K purchase from either Merlin or Probike because they use DHL ?
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by Weenie

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