Hydrogen White POC Owners?

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by doc88

garbageman wrote:
Thu Jul 22, 2021 1:12 pm
I had a Ventral in oxolane (matte) grey and found it quite resistant to scratching. I replaced it after a crash where it hit and slid along the road briefly, but the finish still looked fine - no scratching or scuffing. Haven't had any issues with scratches with its matte hydrogen white replacement either.
@garbageman What about the fair amount of Tender Loving Care to stay really matte @Kjetil speaks about?I'm not very kind with my equipment but at the same time I don't like if it does wear out easily...thanks a lot for sharing your experience

by Weenie

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by garbageman

I'm not exactly sure what Kjetil meant by that, but I can guess. Matte finishes can become slightly shiny from oils from your skin or being "polished"/rubbed over time. I've noticed this on the top tube of my matte black bike. Looking at my old matte grey Ventral, there are some areas around the edges and contours that have a bit more sheen or are less matte than the very top center of the helmet (possibly because it would rarely be touched/handled there). It never bothered me and I never tried to make it "stay really matte" - I didn't even really notice it until just now. It might be more readily apparent in some colors than others, though.

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by doc88

Understood! Super thanks

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by Kjetil

garbageman nails it. A sponge and dish washing soap does the trick for me.
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by Dylanlspangler

I’ve had mine for 2 years now and it’s still looking new! I have the POC Ventral Air Spin Helmet in raceday hydrogen white for what it’s worth. Unless it rains(which I wipe and clean everything after a wet ride.) I wipe it down with a automotive spray wax every couple rides. I love this helmet and would definitely buy it again!

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by otoman

My Ventral Spin Raceday in white looks fine after a lot of use. Glossy finish in white must hide the scratches better.
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