Is Catlike still in business?

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by kgt

It seems that is no longer active and their fb page has not been updated since March. Many of their products are also out of stock. What is going on?

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Hmmm, very odd.

I've happily owned two different Whisper helmets over the years... solid product.

by Weenie

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by HammerTime2

Googling showed the following. I don't know more than this.

July 19, 2019 at
Catlike stop production and its future remains in the air

The founder of the mythical bicycle helmet and accessories brand Catlike, has just announced that they stop production to "rethink" their future. According to CMDsport portal, Pepe del Ramo has opted for "stop, think and start", but the future of Catlike remains in the air and several doors open to its restructuring.

Catlike stops production

Pepe del Ramo states that Catlike "is more alive than ever" and the truth is that the brand is perceived, by consumers, as one of the most prestigious in the market, in terms of bicycle helmets. The brand is appreciated all over the planet and its helmets can be seen from the head of Japanese track cyclists to cyclists in New York.

Despite the fame and prestige of Catlike, the founder confirms that the production has stopped and since 3 months the delivery of some models has been interrupted. This does not affect the warranty service and customer service that continues to function normally.

The manager of Catlike explains that the company is undergoing a restructuring to adapt to the new times. In this remodeling, the online sale will be the protagonist of its business model and does not rule out the synergy with other business players. For Catlike, the physical sale of its products will be reduced only to accessories of bicycle brands that are in stores, and will remain in a small number of points of sale committed to specialist brands.

With these statements, it is foreseen that in the future Catlike will begin to sell its products directly online and it implies that cycling stores will have a crucial role as a delivery point and with their workshop services.

We will be attentive to the future of this important brand that is already part of the history of cycling.
which in turn sources the July 18, 2019 article Catlike para máquinas para repensar su modelo de negocio whose Google translation from Spanish is
Catlike for machines to rethink your business model
Do not rule out joining synergies with other companies
Paula Alonso
on July 18, 2019 at 8:35 am

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catlike pepe bouquet

The founder of Catlike, Pepe del Ramo, announces that the brand will have to have more presence in the online channel, without forgetting the physical outlets more committed to the seal.

(07-18-2019). The Spanish manufacturer of cycling helmets and accessories Catlike has interrupted production and has decided to undertake a restructuring of its business model to adapt to the new situation of the consumer and the cycling market.

"We have chosen to stop, think and start," says the founder and CEO of Catlike, Pepe del Ramo, who says the brand "is more alive than ever" and that this is not a goodbye. The company has stopped production and, for three months, has interrupted the delivery of some models, although the warranty service and customer service continues to function normally.

In fact, Del Ramo points out that the sales of the first half of the year have traced after a 2018 in which the turnover of 2017 was not matched, since the last four months of the year was weighed down by the delays in the reception of the molds The manager remembers that Catlike develops its own helmets and that "until a model is not approved it does not go on sale." On the contrary, it perceives that every day more Asian-made helmets circulate that do not have the relevant approvals.
The online will gain prominence in the sale of accessories

Del Ramo explains that Catlike is in a period of transition and that its business model is being considered because “both the cycling market and the traditional commerce are also in the process of transformation”. The company has undertaken a restructuring “to adapt to the new times” and does not rule out joining synergies with other market players.

Only bicycle brand accessories that are in physical stores will be sold offline

For the founder of Catlike, e-commerce will cover most of the sales of cycling accessories such as those manufactured by the company (helmets, shoes, glasses, socks, etc.) and predicts that “only the accessories of the brands will be sold offline of bicycles that are in physical stores, although there will always be a reduced series of points of sale committed to specialist brands. The advancement of technologies will make the tools available to consumers to get the product right - foot or head meters or biomechanical studies - can easily be transferred to the online world, ”he predicts.

That is why it anticipates that Catlike, which does not have its own sale to date through its website, will have to have a greater presence in the online channel, without forgetting - Del Ramo says - to the physical stores most committed to the teaches, which would also be collection points for the product sold online. In fact, the manager is convinced that the role of cycling stores will focus on being the delivery points of the e-commerce of the brands themselves, while the workshop will be crucial.
Security and customization

The founder of the company emphasizes that, within the new stage that Catlike will undertake, the objective is to reinforce even more if it is possible his bet for the safety of the cyclist. "It saddens me to see that there are consumers who have no scruples in acquiring imitations of recognized brands on the Internet and buying four copies for the price of a quality helmet," he says. The objective of Catlike is to resume production after summer and adapt to new trends in consumption.

The idea is to enhance customization because the consumer tends to be more exclusive: “We are going to develop products that remain attractive. If there is something that characterizes Catlike is that it is a brand with identity and we will continue to maintain, improve and innovate in materials and offer items that stand out for their aesthetics but also for their performance, quality and guarantees for cyclist's safety "

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by kgt

So sad... Another important, innovative, European company with a large part of its production made 'in house' that struggles.
Let's hope for the best.

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by hoosierdaddy ... actividad/

Unfortunately, they've closed. If there's anybody that's based in Europe and still has access to Mixino's (specifically the newer Mixino Evo) I would pay a decent finder's fee.

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by kgt

Really sad news... I also think that Mixino evo was among the nicest, more advanced, modern helmets.

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by damond

They were bought by Portuguese Polisport and seems that it is coming back to business.

by Weenie

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by gorkypl

hoosierdaddy wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:40 pm ... actividad/

Unfortunately, they've closed. If there's anybody that's based in Europe and still has access to Mixino's (specifically the newer Mixino Evo) I would pay a decent finder's fee.
I've done a quick check and egular Mixinos are still available in few online shops in Poland. Evos not easily traceable though...
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