Which One Is Better: Shark NV352 vs Shark NV360?

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by kangnguyen

If you just look at the NV352 and Shark NV360 vacuum cleaners' designs, it isn't easy to distinguish the difference between them. Instead of reading the shark NV360 review and the shark NV352 review, please read my article. I will let you know their differences.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Roll down to discover; you will know which one is better, which one works best for your case.

The advantages and disadvantages of Shark NV 352 and Shark NV360

Shark NV352

What you like
  • Swivel steering
  • Deep cleaning on carpets
  • HEPA filtration system
What you don't like
  • Hard-to-remove canister
  • Tips over easily
  • Top-heavy

Shark NV 360

What you like
  • Lightweight design
  • Versatile
  • Powerful suction
What you don't like
  • Hard to use attachments
  • Struggles on thick carpet
  • Short power cord
What are the differences between Shark NV352 and Shark NV360?

To get the answer, you have to consider many different aspects of these shark navigator lift away deluxe vacuum cleaners.


While the NV352 has a total capacity of 1.1 quarts, the NV360 features a larger capacity of 1.2 quarts.

The winner: Shark NV360

Ease of use

It's effortless to remove and insert the shark navigator lift-away deluxe NV360 back. However, the NV352 requires more time and effort on your end to take this model off and reinsert it. If you usually move around with your vacuum cleaner, the NV360 gives you better portability.

The winner: Shark NV360

Design and accessories

As I mentioned, the designs of NV352 and NV360 look similar, but you can recognize their differences through the attachments. Now, take a look at their accessories to know what works best for your cases:

The Shark NV352 features a brush tool, which works well on stairs and your pieces of furniture. This navigator lift-away dlx vacuum cleaner can pick up debris that a regular hose can't do that.

Besides, this vacuum cleaner also has a 5-inch crevice accessory, which cleans your stairs effectively. It's tough for a round hose to clean these hard-to-reach corners. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for your car, this is an excellent solution because it can reach tight areas and cracks.

In case you need to clean between seats or get cobwebs off your ceiling, you can use the large attached 24-inch accessory.

Are you a pet owner?

If yes, you will love its handy power brush for sure. It can pick up pet hair better than a standard brush accessory because of its independent roller of the power brush. Furthermore, it deals with troublesome hair at a better rate. Thanks to a small design, you are able to use it on your furniture fabric and carpeted stairs.

How about the NV360?

Like NV352, THE NV360 also has a handy power brush, a 5.5-inch crevice attachment with the same performance. Besides, you will have an extendable wand to reach under your piece of furniture like your bed and sofa. It suits people with back pains because it requires you less bending.

For me, the extendable wand attachment of the NV360 is more useful than the 24-inch attachment of the NV352.

➤➤➤ See Also: https://thekinglive.com/shark-navigator-lift-away-deluxe-nv360-reviews.html

The winner: Shark NV360.


Both of them cost you under $200. At this point, you might think that there is nothing to consider. But, buying the attachments of the Shark NV360 at this price is a worthy investment.

The winner: Shark NV60


These upright vacuum cleaners feature a powerful swiveling head. Thus, you can complete your cleaning tasks with less effort on your end. They not only have a great range but also swivel in 2 directions.

This dynamic steering allows you to get around obstacles and your pieces of furniture quickly. Compared to other vacuum cleaners with stationary heads, these machines have better control.

In sum, in spite of the same range, the NV360's swiveling motion is better than the NV352.

The winner: Shark NV360.


Both the NV352 and NV360 vacuum cleaners are designed with outstanding filtration systems with anti-allergen complete seal. The HEPA filter can protect your house from most dust and allergens. Besides, there is a foam filter, which allows you to wash again and again to use regularly.

Finally, it's straightforward to clean and replace filters.

The winner: Both of them


The NV360 (13 pounds) is heavier than the NV352 (12.5 pounds).

Half a pound is not a big problem for most people. However, if you are suffering trouble lifting, it's better to invest in the NV352.

The winner: Shark NV352.


Cleaning tests

More than the detailed shark navigator lift away deluxe reviews, I test how these vacuums can clean on different surfaces, and it gives me prettily amazing results. On these surfaces, I made a trail of flour and glitter for simulating dust and 30 grams of cotton balls for simulating dust bunnies. Besides, I put extra rice, coffee beans, beads, and cornflakes. Now, it's dirty enough.

Bare floor

Both Shark NV352 and NV360 can clean hardwood and tiles in a single pass thanks to the swivel steering and powerful suction.

Low-pile carpet

In this case, I apply the same amount of debris on a 24'' x 24'' Berber carpet. It's a bit hard for the Shark NV360 to remove the glitter and flour completely. However, after 6 passes, the low-pile carpet is as clear as possible. Meanwhile, the Shark NV352 can clean the carpet after 8 passes. However, this machine requires you to push it slower than usual.

High-pile carpet

The final test is performed on a 24'' x 24'' shag carpet. Both work pretty well, but it's pretty difficult for them to get rid of the glitter. After ten passes, It still can't remove the glitter left entirely.

Now, without needing to read a comprehensive shark navigator nv360 reviews, you know what you should choose, right? The nv360 vacuum cleaner brings a lot of benefits including, performance, design, and accessories at a reasonable price.
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