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by Mr.Gib

Curious if anyone is familiar with Col de Saet. It's a tiny road between Alos and Castillon en Couserans a bit south of St. Girons. Google street view doesn't cover it so I can't tell if it is tarmac covered all the way. I don't mind some gravel but there is a stretch of over a kilometer that is between 20% and 25% and on a road bike that gradient can be a problem if the surface is unfinished.

Also interested to hear of any other hidden gems that people know. I'm planning a visit to the area next Spring/Summer and looking for good lesser known climbs. I have lots of experience with the major climbs so it's time to explore the road less travelled. I'll be covering most of the area between St. Girons and Orloron-Sainte-Marie, so basically most of the French Pyrenees.

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by Weenie

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by basilic

I have no idea myself, but:
If you want details about cols in France you should join "club des cent cols", they have endless info and in-preson reports ( I have not joined yet, just laziness.
A relentless col-hunter mentions that col as having a rather bad road but that was 15 yrs ago
For a comprehensive list of cols by département, here is Ariège ... e-d09.html. Col de Saet seems to be at an intersection of about 8 roads...
The standard 200K Michelin map shows a white road, solid lined, which means tarmac, regardless of quality.
Have fun!

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by jeanjacques

If nobody know, I can plan a trip to see this col before you come :)
In this area, I like the Aberouat, very few car, 1000D+ at 9% average, with several meters at 20%: ... -c1534.htm

Edit: Saet seems to be a forest road whitout concrete and the other side it's worst but this guy manage it with a road bike and a flat: https://lesbaroudeursenvadrouille.wordp ... couserans/

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by Antoine

I don't know but I don't think it's 20% for 1Km, over 15% for that long is not common in France.
Google is not going to help you , search for 09200 Alos there: you can choose IGN or aerial map on the left (Cartes > Fonds de carte) ... C%20France

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by c50jim

It looks as though it's quite a distance from your base but I loved the ride to and view at Cirque de Troumouse. We were staying at Argeles-Gazost so a lot closer. I was there with friends and my sons in 2015. We had dinner with French friends a couple of days later and found that they really enjoy hiking in the area

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