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by prebsy

I got my first real bike in the summer of 2010, a Specialized allez e5. It lasted me a bit over a year which to this day is the longest I've owned a bike. I'm not sure how I compare with some of the other problem owners on WW.

update 2019.12.10:
I did my best to quantify a financial outcome for all these bikes. Wrought with error from memory. For better or worse I removed depreciation from miles rode. Again wrought with error but I wanted to concetrate the outcome on finding poor purchases and lose from transactions. I also never made it possible to "make money" when removing this depreciation, if I didn't make money on paper the best I could do is break even.

[Best effort at chronological order]


Some perspective:
since nov 2011 (strava ) :
2,447 rides
60,000 miles

since feb 2011 (road-results + crossresults):
251 races
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by KCookie

Wow, that is alot of bikes you've owned. I'm the complete opposite. Only had and still got 3 bikes, an Avanti on the trainer, my first bike when I started riding 3 years ago. Shortly after bought a 2016 Urgestalt and just bought a 2018 Urgestalt. I'm happy with those. If I was ever to get another frame I would get a Colnago C60.

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by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

I purchased a Lynsey R320 in 2008, after being on a few Litespeeds and a Titus titanium. I spent 10 years on that bike and felt I needed to go aero so I sold it in 2018 to a friend and replaced it with a Blue AC1. Loved and still love the Lynskey and the Blue has been an excellent bike too. There is something about a titanium bike so I purchased a Litespeed T3 disc frame and fork. It’’s built with the exception of routing the brake lines and cutting them to fit and adding the shifter cable housing and shifter cables. The Blue is staying around. How much it will get ridden after I finish the T3? Who know but I suspect little.

So I guess my problem is not a frequency thing but more about passion for titanium frames.

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by rajMAN

I'v had less hot dinners!! :shock:

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by prebsy

There have to be a few people on WW who can give me a run for my money :lol: . Unfortunatley I don't remember the dates for most of these bikes. I think it averages out to a new bike every 2 months, some years more like a new one every month :roll: .

I built the spreadsheet to help remember all the bikes I've had but also to help understand what leads to successful ownership for me (duration and financial outcome) so I can make better purchases in the future.

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by robertbb

I'd be curious to know how much money you've "lost" during the process.

Not as a criticism (if it's a passion and you aren't running yourself or your family into financial ruin then all good, it's an "entertainment" budget) but more of a view into how expensive such experimentation can become.

And if I'm being really honest... with myself as much as with anyone else... seeing your losses will make me feel better about my own. :lol:

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by prebsy

TLDR: if you think I'm the sucker here you're wrong ;)

It would be impossible to track down all the receipts. Buying off road bikes new/ close out, this came out of my analysis, are a really bad idea. Outside of those few losses are really quite small.

Part of the reason I keep doing it is because of how easy it is to ride a bike 6months for $100 or so. I love the process of hunting for parts and deals, building up the bike in the spread sheet and in the shop. The real loss is the time and effort of selling. I am starting to grow wary of selling though so maybe that will slow me down haha.

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by shotgun

robertbb wrote:
Wed Nov 20, 2019 4:14 am
And if I'm being really honest... with myself as much as with anyone else... seeing your losses will make me feel better about my own. :lol:

Buy hey, if we derive pleasure without hurting or don't deprive anyone, I think it shouldn't be an issue.

I never bothered to count (till now) how many I've owned through the years since I started in 2008. Magic number is 22. Admitedly most aren't whole bikes, I reused wheels and groupsets through the frames, and are a mix of different disciplines. My only constant replacements are 7 TCRs which I get through awesome deals with my LBS.
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by Etienne

Well, this got me thinking :? ... you need much money and/or time to buy/sell so much bikes, I cannot imagine doing that.

In 25 years of cycling, I bought 9 bikes ... 5 are still in use, the others have been sold, stashed or crashed.

Good thing is that when I'll have a comment about how (too) much bikes I have, I'll just answer with a link to this topic ... :lol:

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by flying

Yes I would say there is no way to look at that list & not assume you have a bit of a problem :lol:

But hey folks blow tons of $$$ on all kinds of passions so as Robert said if it is not a financial strain then
enjoy what ever makes you happy :wink:

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by Thomson

I havnt had a bike since I was a kid. Maybe about 2 new bikes one second hand. Didn't cycle for 15 years. Then two years ago I bought second hand bike to cycle to my new job £200 bike. Then this year I got some back dated money and put that towards paying up a new cannondale Synapse. 0% finance. Won't get into debt for a bike. Will upgrade the groupset and wheels when I can. :-)

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by Beancouter

Prebsy, I have a similar past time, but a long way to go to catch up (19 in 15 years).

For me i tell my friends it’s grown up Mecanno!! - I like researching and sourcing parts, and then building up bikes - it is a good way of unwinding from a work (not as much as riding of course).

I suspect of the 19 bikes I have owned, most would have been frames with parts swapped/upgraded. In recent years most of them have been off eBay and, other than time, the cost is for wearing parts.

One hard lesson learned is understanding the second hand market; CAADs have an active market on eBay and I lose very little over my period of ownership .... in contrast BMC (my last new purchase) have terrible residuals...,

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by prebsy

Haha yes BMC is so bad. Luckily both TMR02s were smoking deals. I wouldn't entertain the thought of buying one new.

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by prebsy

My latest creation, 2017 foil premium on a budget ~2500 USD complete, 7.4kg.

I still need to remove spacers and tape the bars. This shot with the cat is too good to pass up =]Image

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by TheRich

It's telling you to get rid of the spacers.

"Get those bars down, like this."

by Weenie

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