Endurance frameset for rim brake

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by osw000

Maybe a bit late... but just noticed that the shift to disk brakes is unavoidable in this category.
I still have to find a frameset from any major brand with endurance-gran fondo geometry available for rim brake.

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by pdlpsher1

Option 1 a custom frame. Option 2 you can still find NOS Litespeed or Lynskey frames in rim brakes. Option 3 go used. There are probably other options as well. I went with option 1 and very happy with the result.

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by Weenie

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by hlvd

I think you can still get the Domane SLR frameset in rim brake

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by sennder

Sigma sports still has 2018 Domane SLR rim brake framesets in 52cm and 58cm in stock, almost half off. That's what I went with last year.


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by robertbb

If you don't mind buying second hand (and can get frames scanned to look for any issues), the last of the rim brake Giant Defy SL's were an absolutely killer frame. In fact I think it may have been their lightest ever frame - uses the same carbon/resin as the TCR but has the more relaxed geometry.

Dropped seatstays too, so a thoroughly modern look. Might want to check tyre clearance if you like to run on the wider side.

https://www.giant-bicycles.com/au/defy- ... -sl-0-2014

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by mcfarton

But won’t you die on rim breaks?

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by njyeti

mcfarton wrote:But won’t you die on rim breaks?

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Yes, if the rim breaks you'll die

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by gorkypl

Cinelli Veltrix

by Weenie

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by iamraymond

The Canyon Endurace is still offered with rim brakes. The geometry is a bit more relaxed than the disc models and the frame is a few years old now. However it’s still a decent bike. It’s offered in both mechanical and electronic builds so if you want to strip it down and build one up, then be sure to get the right model. It’s not offered as a frameset only.

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