Whispbar base racks, how well do they stay on?

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by jspaceman

I'm considering getting a roof rack for my car. A local auto rack place has a nice sale sale on some Whispbar base bars ($300 CDN off). From what I understand Whispbar was bought out by Yakima a few years ago and Yakima now labels them the Yakima Railbar, but the design is pretty much identical from what I can tell on Yakima's website.

My car comes with factory rails (2018 VW Golf Alltrack). I visited the auto rack place and the guy there fitted one of the Whispbars on my car. I like the aero look of them. The only downside is that I wouldn't be able to open my sunroof while the bars are on the car. They sit pretty low to the roof and there isn't enough room for the sunroof to open. That's not a big deal for me, as I'm more of an air conditioning guy. The only time I open the sunroof is when I'm driving home from work and want to rapidly cool the car interior down, before closing it up again and letting the car's A/C do the rest.

I guess my question about the Whispbar base racks is how well do they stay on the car? I notice that they clamp onto the car's rails (see https://www.yakima.com/ca/railbar ), but there is no strap that goes around the rail, like on the Thule Aeroblade Edge (see https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/roof-rac ... 501-_-7501 ) or the Inno XS100 (see http://usa.innoracks.com/product/aero-b ... ised-rail/ )

Does this matter? Would the straps provide an extra measure of security? The Whispbar that was placed on my car's roof seemed pretty secure, but the car wasn't moving. I'm worried that once I'm out on the road the vibrations and turning would eventually cause the rack to loosen and slide off. Or am I being paranoid?

The Whispbars also come with locks, whereas that costs extra with the Yakima and Thule racks that I looked at.

As for the bike mount, I'd probably go with a Yakima Highspeed fork mount, or a Inno fork mount.

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by silvalis

It's not worth worring about. I've got a thule wingbar edge that clamps on, no strap. Rock solid. You torque it down pretty hard.

The clamp style is solid - its not going to fall off. Also remember that a lot of cars with integrated rails will not fit the strap - there isn't an air gap below the rail for the strap to wrap around.

For the rack - I've got a Yakima Highroad rack, but i'm using the strap rather than the T-rail mounts. I used a thule 961 with T-rails before which was much nicer than the strap. My Thule wingbar edge came with 4 lock cores, one for each clamp. The Yakima highroad I had to buy the core separately (bit dirty about that).
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