What's Your Funniest Crash?

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by peted76

I once bonked on a ride and pedaled squares on the way home, at the bottom of the last hill to my house, (500 meters away), wobbled into the curb and in slow motion just toppled sideways into the grass, not even trying to unclip. The contents of my pockets came out, I didn't notice until I arrived at home to find my phone missing. My brain just was not working.

by Weenie

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by FIJIGabe

Mine happened about 10 years ago: I used to transport my bike on a trunk-mount rack and would use a small bungee cord to strap the front wheel to the frame, to prevent it from moving around. One day, I forgot to remove the bungee cord - my ride lasted the whole of 18 inches, until I went over the bars. Had to have the hanger and DS bar tape replaced after I went down.
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by tabl10s

Just remembered another from the 80's. I was in the Air Force and running late for work. I made a right turn into the parking lot that also went up hill.... with the outside pedal down.

I remember doing a pirouette and ending inside the main triangle.
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by cyclodelic

I was riding in a bunch at the Joop Zoetemelk sportive 2015, (early spring in NL so shockingly bad wind and rain). At one point just outside Utrecht, the road becomes shared use single track (cars and bikes together) with canals on both sides, we encounterd a car which took up the whole road and the peloton stopped... I managed to stop too and clipped out... the gentleman behind me didnt manage to stop in time and hit my back wheel sending me teetering and tottering into the canal, too numb and cold to move my hands fast enough to the brakes or get my feet in the pedals....I could see it happening but couldnt react fast enough to stop it and plunged head over handlebars into the water.... I resurfaced to a chorus of laughter and many smiling faces offering me a hand up....it was barely above zero degrees and I had still 100km to go so I abandoned the race.
Fortunately an amazingly kind family who were watching from their garden offered me the use of their bathroom to clean up and get dry, lent me dry clothing and allowed me to use their phone while plying me with hot tea and biscuits.
Seems like every bike club in South Holland must have seen my dunk... to this day I still get recognised for my tip-toe-to-forward-roll dive

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by CallumRD1

One morning two winters ago I rode to work on my road bike on road tires because it was a beautiful 40 ˚F morning. Of course I failed to look at the weather forcast. When it came time to ride home around 6:30 (well after dark) there was about 5" of very wet, slushy snow on the ground and around 3" of wet, slushy mess on the roads. About a quarter of a mile into my commute I have to ride down a 200 yard long, ~12% kicker of a hill. I was dragging my rear brakes at the crest of the hill to try to control the speed but it was getting a bit quick so I just touched the front brake and immediatly the bike slid out from under me and I landed on my left hip (fortunately only at ~10 mph). I proceded to continue sliding down the hill, fully clipped in, for a full 100 yards! The road surface was so slippery that it was hard to stand up in cycling shoes to walk off the road. There wasn't a mark on me or my bike and I hardly felt any pain at all. It was like going down a slip-and-slide. I did choose to walk down the remainder of the decents (and a couple of the climbs where I couldn't mantain traction) on the commute home .

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by joejack951

Never admitted outside of cycling circles...

Mid-2009 just getting back to riding to work after having been off the bike for a few months from a car collision that fractured two vertebrae. Heading to a new locale as well so using my road bike vs. my old commuter. I'm rolling out of my driveway and trying to start my cycling computer at the same time. At the bottom of my driveway is an angled drainage grate which I had successfully avoided for many years simply by not being an idiot. As things tend to go when you aren't fully awake, I managed to perfectly angle my 23mm front tire to match the angle of the grate, which as luck would have it was spaced at about 25mm, and dropped the front of my bike about 25cm into it. I didn't do a complete endo, more like a Superman launch over the bars (driveway was slightly downhill so I had some momentum), and landed on my hands and stomach in the road. Witnessed by no one with minimal damage to my bike, but man, did it hurt my ego.

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by spud

1) riding one of the Colorado frontage roads during the winter one morning with a small group of people, we came upon a slight downhill (<2%?) having northern exposure, covered with compacted snow. Might as well have been pavement, but for the fact that there was very little friction. The first person to who tried slowing with brakes went down immediately. One by one, all of my ridemates went down. I knew that brakes and coasting were bad news, so I started shifting down the black gradually, maintaining a slowish and steady cadence. Must have gotten down to the 14 or 13 cog, at which point a car appeared coming the opposite direction. I must have been doing about 25 mph by this time, and the car caused a slight hesitation in my pedal stroke, and immediately I was on my ass, sliding 25 mph. Fortunately, the road had a good crown, so it steered me away from the on coming car, and must have slid 20 or 30 yards on my ass until I came to a stop.
2) coming down a steep and bendy descent during winter, and left my braking a little too late for the first hard bend. Locked up the rear and started fish tailing. Released and got it back, then locked, released again, and figured out I wasn't making that corner. Scooted across the road in front of a car coming up that saw me and my colleagues coming, went through a bamboo hedge, down an embankment, and landed on the roof of a shed built into the side of a hill. Fortunately, no injuries.

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