What's Your Funniest Crash?

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by tabl10s

Got to the crest of a hill this morning and was supposed to go left. As bad luck would have it, I 🤧d to my right with eyes closed and went straight down hill into the rocks.

Feeling the pain.
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by sychen

Dude... Hope you're not too injured..

My best/dumbest.. Early dawn training ride, looped around city harbour foreshore. Saw a new sculpture /display put up and pulled Dover to take a photo and then wanted to get up the curb to get closer.

Since already one foot out.. Pulled the front wheel up and left onto the curb with phone in one hand. Left leg on the ground tried to follow but caught on the lip of a drainpipe there.
Slow motion fall ensues..phone went flyingme thoroughly embarrassed but with no one to witness at 5am in the morning thankfully.

or the one at a bridge decent came to a stop reached out my hand for the rail to wait for someone coming up... Forgetting the rail got moved back a meter a couple of weeks back.. Security guard burst out laughing as I fell over reaching for thin air.

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by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

Dumbest crash was riding the Guadalupe 101 bike path underpass after it flooded at about 20mph. It was covered in a combination of mud, fish shit, clam shit, goose shit, algae and whatever else. In hindsight, the fact that my front wheel went fwoop was not surprising in the least.

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by themidge

A couple of weeks ago (while riding 20mm tyres :wink:) I rode down a hill towards a very shallow ford, like 2cm deep at most, and ignored the sign that said "cyclists dismount!". In my defence, you can usually ignore that kind of sign because they're usually placed when a cycle path comes across someone's driveway, but in this case it was justified because my front wheel slid out instantly and I sat down in the river.

As with all crashes I was more concerned about my bike than my body, those scratched brake levers hurt :( .

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by tymon_tm

first one was when I tightened the tension screw too much on my first spd road pedals. first traffic lights and I was down with both feet still attachet (I'm lucky I didn't twist my knees or smth)

and the second one, when I 'did a Froome' - I had those spinacci extensions, took one hand off to take a sip and then came a pothole...
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by gangbang

Once I crashed while seating on top tube with right leg clippen in and left leg on the ground. Somehow I turned a handlebar to the right and fall on the right side immediately. :noidea:

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by ms6073

Many years ago, just as clipless pedals started to become mainstream, I was on a small group ride with friends waiting in the left lane for the traffic signal to change. Several of us were track standing as we waited when a large 18-wheeler truck/trailer passed by at high speed in the next lane. Fortunately I was close to the grass median because a second after the truck went by, we were hit by a fast moving air mass from the truck's passage, blowing over those of us track standing where upon I ended up on my back imitating a perfect inverted trackstand in the grass!

While not me, the most bizzare crash was not long after the traffic signal incident when a group of us where slowly riding on the sidewalk of the sea wall in Galveston taking in the sites, when the rider in front of me picked up a small bit of paper trash in the spokes of his front wheel. Without stopping, he reached down to remove it, and somehow his glove snagged something and his hand got caught resulting in his bike momentarily frzone vertically after which his wheel turned and he went straight down like a pile of bricks. Fortunately, aside from being thoroughly embarrassed, neither he nor the bike were any worse for the wear, but lots of people stopped to see what happened, and had this happened today, I am sure there would be several videos on Youtube with thousands of views.
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by tabl10s

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2015 Pinarello F8: 13.13lbs/5.915kg(w/Roval 64's).
2016 Rca: 11.07lbs/5.048kg.
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by tabl10s

2015 Pinarello F8: 13.13lbs/5.915kg(w/Roval 64's).
2016 Rca: 11.07lbs/5.048kg.
2018 Rca.
2018 S-Works SL6 Ultralight: 12.03lbs.

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by IchDien

Jumping a kerb in the main square of Treviso and misjudging my back wheel angle so the bike slowly fell to the ground.

Because of the weird angle the bike fell at (and 16Nm pedals), I couldn't unclip my feet, so laid there struggling on the floor still attached to the bike to the amusment / bewliderment of lots of people at the cafe watching, until a fellow cyclist who understood my dilemma slowly walked over and grabbed my ankle/crank and unclipped my feet for me!

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by Calnago

Ok... that one leaves a funny image in my head. Writhing away on the ground, clipped in... “Help me!... I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.
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by Hellgate

About 1979, or 80, 14 YO. Brand new Peugeot UO8, toe clips for the first time, cinched down tight. NIKE Waffle trainers on. Proudly rode my new bike up to the front of the grocery store were I worked, slowed down, and couldn't pull my feet out. Slowly tipped over onto a Coke machine, and then the sidewalk as my coworkers laughed...

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by fromtrektocolnago

First time I rode with clipless pedals. Bike shop suggested I practice more in the shop. I rode a full ride without issue, came back to my apt, unclipped with one foot and chatted wiht my doorman. Forgot i was still clipped a few moments later in and fell over when i tried to get off my bike.
I also didn't get hurt ...except my pride. My other accidents were far more painful and not funny in the least.
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by dgasmd

Every fall but one have always resulted in serious pain and some injury for months in addition to very costly gear damage. All except one:

So I had been off the bike for a few years between school and such and gain a shit load of weight. Decided to get back on the bike, so dusted off and lubed quickly the old bike. Went out for a 7 mile ride that felt like 8000!! Get to the first light, go to unclip and nothing. Eventually fell side ways in front of all the cars at a busy 4 way light. Best part is that even on the ground I couldn’t unclip. Had to eventually take the shoes off and walk to the sidewalk to try to pry the shoes off. I wrestled with them for almost 5 min before I managed to get one out. They were there for good!!! When I got home, I had the same issue. Needless to say, those pedals came off, new cleats, and got lubed in 23 ways!! No issues after!

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by peted76

I once bonked on a ride and pedaled squares on the way home, at the bottom of the last hill to my house, (500 meters away), wobbled into the curb and in slow motion just toppled sideways into the grass, not even trying to unclip. The contents of my pockets came out, I didn't notice until I arrived at home to find my phone missing. My brain just was not working.

by Weenie

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