Where is my bike (frame-set) made?

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by addictR1

wow.. if that's the case for pinarello, then that's some expensive paint job and extremely thick markup. would love to see what's the new 2020 TCR looks like...

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by robertbb

TobinHatesYou wrote:
Tue May 28, 2019 9:59 am
Carbon Treks and Canyons are made by Quest Composite in Dongguan, Guandong. Those are Quest's only two bicycle brand customers. They do manufacture other things like carbon baseball bats (Louisville Slugger) and tennis racquets. I am 100% certain that Trek only uses Quest, and I am 99% sure that Canyon only uses Quest.
Quest Composites does Canyon's high-end frames (SLX models) but I'm not sure about the SL models (particularly, for example the Ultimate SL which is a different mould entirely to the SLX). Having owned both an Ultimate SL (went through two frames) and now an Ultimate SLX, I can say definitively that the carbon finish inside and out on the SLX is signifiantly better. Quest really know what they're doing. It's on par with the Giant TCR SL's which from what I've seen are the best-made monocoque frames out there. That's not to say I think the design is necessarily the best, but the construction of that design is.

by Weenie

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by wheelbuilder

Interesting. My Orbea Orca OMR is laid up in Portugal, and painted/finished in Spain. According to Orbea they completely ceased carbon frame production in China in 2015. Of course it is decal'd "Made in Spain" which is of course a bit disingenuous.
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by addictR1

Yea I’m on the fence for either the new Giant SL or go with the canyon ultimate SLX.

Heard the canyon SLX is a bit more aero now?

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