RIP Gearjunkie

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by raisinberry777 »

Terrible news, RIP.

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by kgt »

So sad... RIP.

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Powerful Pete »

Terrible news. Sincere condolences to his family and those that knew him well.
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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by wheelbuilder »

Wow, that is awful. Condolences sent to friends and family. Very sad.
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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by kode54 »

so sad. RIP.
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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by pdlpsher1 »

Sorry to hear this. RIP

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by miltmaster3 »

Rip! ride free in heaven

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Mep »

Sad to see a brother go, but we can be consoled that he left doing what he loved best. Ride on Gearjunkie.

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by spdntrxi »


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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by zulu695 »

Best wishes to his family and friends! RIP

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by bikeboy1tr »

Sad news indeed. Seems that I hear of more and more people getting hit by autos. Someone in my home town was struck and killed just last week. The driver took off from the scene and later ran into another person not long after where the police caught him. Apparantly he has struck and killed in the past once before.
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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by glam2deaf »

Damn, RIP mate. Awful news to hear, hope the family and friends are okay.

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by TonyM »

Wow how sad!
How old was he?

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by flying »

Very sorry to hear this!

Condolences to his family

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Orbital »

I’m a relatively new poster here but recognize the name. Very sad to hear and not enough words to convey condolence to loved ones and friends.

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