RIP Gearjunkie

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RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Squashednuts »

It is with great sadness that I’m writing this post

Gearjunkie was knocked off his bike in central Christchurch on the 18th May
He spent several days in intensive care
And died on the 23rd May

He was a passionate cyclist and a thoroughly good bloke
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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by TobinHatesYou »


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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Leviathan »

Sorry to hear that. RIP

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by beanbiken »

Very sad to read this, may he be forever blessed with a tail wind and RIP. Farewell GJ

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by mrlobber »

Tragic news, moreso related to our passion which most of us are practitioning (almost) daily :cry: :cry:
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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by sychen »


only had some pleasant interactions on this forum with him.. Some great pictures of his rides.

Sad news indeed...

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by JKolmo »

So sad - RIP!

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Juanmoretime »

May a tailwind be to his back every day after. Having been hit by a car and two years later. Still having memeory issues since I had a serious brain injury, I can be very empathetic, Even though I live where it’s pretty rural encounters with cars is a serious daily concern when pursuing our passion. BTW, the accident does not deter me from riding and training probably since I don’t remember gettting hit. I woke up in the hospital many days later.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by robertbb »

RIP.... this is tragic.... it's meant to be fun and healthy.

Stay safe all

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Bogan »

Too sad.

RIP, hope your new bike, wherever you are, is the lightest.
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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Kayrehn »

Don't know what best to say but thanks for the note. Left me feeling hollow and heavy hearted, cos it is just not reasonable to leave like this.

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by velomane »

RIP, so sorry to hear this.

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Etienne »

I did'nt know Gearjunkie but I hope he will rest in peace wherever he is now ...

His sudden departure reminds us how much life is fragile :(

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by LouisN »

RIP Gearjunkie :cry:

Louis :)

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Re: RIP Gearjunkie

Post by Calnago »

That’s such sad news. I enjoyed his pics from NZ in the “On The Road Today” thread. Don’t know if this recent pic was of him or one that he took, but I liked it....
Rest In Peace
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