Biggest Phone You Carry With You During Rides?

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by RTW

3G / GSM only. So not that smart!

by Weenie

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by surfinguru

I'd love to not carry a phone, but with MJ now legal in my state, and dang near every car going by streaming smoke out the windows, it's a safety must IMO. I've only got one phone and that's my Note8. It's big for sure, but it's all I've got!

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by Meyercord

XS max

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by sennder

I always keep my iPhone 6s Plus on me during rides (really can't risk being phoneless in an emergency). I have a reasonably sized topeak saddle bag for the phone, spare tire, etc. since I don't like weighing my jersey down with the phone.


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by kervelo

I carry an iphone 7 plus in a Rapha rainproof essentials case in my jersey pocket. I don’t find the phone too heavy and the stuctured surface of the case keeps it nice and steady in the pocket.

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by EvilEuro

Carry an Essential phone with me at all times in a Silca Phone Wallet. Theres plenty of room in it if I were to want a bigger phone (I don't), and it also allows me to conveniently store my money, keys, and cards. Best of all, the phone wallet is a perfect fit for any of my jersey pockets.

Used to use a Rapha Essentials, but it couldn't hold my Nexus 5 nor my Essential phone, so I had to swap that out. And while I did like it, the Silca is far more functional.

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by TonyM

iPhone 7 for me. Waterproof was important to me.
Don't want to go bigger or heavier!

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by 573

I kept my iPhone 7 going for years because it was the perfect cycling phone. Waterproof and fits in a Rapha Essentials case. It died last year though and I got an iPhone XS. At first I found it annoying that it didn't fit inside my Rapha case, but I now just have it in my central rear jersey pocket outside the case. It's more waterproof than the 7 and despite being rained and sweated on lots has been perfect.

It also takes sweet pictures for the 'gram. :D

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by kervelo

The large version of the Rapha Essentials case is large enough for iphone XS max or other similar sized phones. ... ct/LEC05LR

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